Get Away!


with all due respect, where did you come from when you went camping? The city, right? So perhaps those others felt the same way about you. "Oh no", they thought, "it's that complaining guy who always complains when he's in the city. Now he's out here, spoiling our getaway!"
This reminds me of the peeing-on-the-bush scene in "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle".

#1: They set up camp next to the misanthrope after he was already there. If they'd felt the same way, they likely would've set up a respectable distance away. As a fellow misanthrope, that's what I do when I find someone already at one of my favored spots. These people clearly took the approach of trying to drive the misanthrope away through belligerent behavior. Or maybe they're just naturally a bunch of jackasses.

Curmudgeonly misanthrope: That's a shame. The trouble with a lot of the BLM land west of the Cascades is that it's relatively easy to reach in a vehicle. If you have a nice spot by a river, and the weather is fair, then there's a chance that you'll encounter some morons.
Don't be stupid. You can't fire guns ALL DAY EVERY DAY in the city.
Shoulda driven for *five* hours.
Am still waiting for my paycheck to come to go eat at a White Castle. Last week was a Sloopy Joes. Wonder which one will be next.
Funny thing is, these "hyenas" were probably native Oregonians, while the poster is undoubtedly from Wisconsin.
I'm irked by loud people in wildlife too, but if you are so hard core why didn't you ride your MT. bike there? huh?
Lookup actually has a point here.
@Jake....I'm going to go with poster moved here 4 years ago from Michigan....hyenas moved here 8 years ago from California.

But yes, this rant is actually pretty spot-on. Wish I could sometimes camp at a nice Forest Service site as a base camp, but I refuse to put up with the goddamn RV Army and their Habitat Death Machines.
@9, Michiganders have moved here in droves. I'd be proud to be a native, personally. But that's just code for I've never gone anywhere. Other than Canada. I guess. Oh and a stint in Chicago.

Eh, point dissolved. But I like it here.

Fair enough, but I know lots of Portland natives who mirror the "hyenas" supposed behavior on camping trips all the time. Not every native Oregonian is a tree-hugging, nature worshiping hipster/yuppie/hippy who wants to commune with mother nature and enjoy the sounds of the river or peace and quiet. Getting ripped and shooting guns off is a major pastime for many. But you probably know that.

OP, next time, try SE Oregon around the Steens and Harney Co. Lots of open space and no one at all.
I'm not often in agreement with Jake, but he's got this one.
Lots of folks grew up 'round these parts with blasting off some rounds out in the middle of 'nowhere' as a perfectly acceptable past time. And you wonder why the Gun Room on Foster has been in business for 40 years. It ain't just for survivalist types.
Pro tip: If you head out to BLM land to camp and you see a lot of spent shell casings laying about, you're probably camping on someone's favorite shootin' spot.