You’re Not So Foxy


This reminds me, to hell with Portlandia, we need a trashy, low-rent local version of "The L Word."
Am with you Todd on this one. Keep the chicks hot, and the drama wicked, and we have ourselves another kick ass show. Not with the dramatragic this poster is raging about, please. (but keep Portlandia for several seasons.)
Oh, come on. There are plenty of good musicians who are also white trash skanks.
Lords of Acid, PEACHES, um um LE TRIGE!! well um they are not white trash skanks but they sure make great stuff to fill up my non existent ipod.
Who uses the word 'Foxy' anymore? Did you time travel from the 70's? Oh wait, most of Portland dresses in ugly 70's looking clothes. Why am I not surprised the would use stupid phrases from that time period.