Once again it is demonstrated that one should never use the word "rape" to describe anything other than sexual assault.
You may not realize this but the rest of the world, in addition to the obvious, uses it as an affective explicative. I don't think your little suggestion is going to make any difference but nice try...
It IS a real fucking scam with the books, though. My math 60 book costs more than $90 new! And the store was all out of used copies within two days of fall term. I just borrow a copy from the library and photo-copy all the pages i need.

Otherwise, i'd be stuck with a usedless book i paid damn near $100 for come December. What they don't tell you in advance is that you actually WON'T be able to sell back most of your books!
That's a good idea DamosA, I'm going to start using that one...
The rest of the world equates the price of textbooks with being raped? Wow. The rest of the world is a complete imbecile.
I think you miss the point entirely dmitrir...
Your point is that you're patronizing but not terribly bright, right?
Perhaps but what does that say about you? Let me spell it out for you:

In the world of adult language and adult literature you will commonly see words associated with one thing used to put another thing into context. Let me explain- when someone uses the word "rape", while not referring to sexual assault, to put something else into context then they are also using the word in an effective way. As an example, “I feel like the government is raping me with their...”. Here the word “rape” is use to denote the fact that they feel extremely taken advantage of. Yes, they understand as well as most of their adult audience that the situation they are referring to is completely different than sexual assault, duh.

Try looking at the actual message, not getting too hung up on the details and you might see this. While there will always be people who are sensitive to the word "rape", which is fine and healthy, there are also those that are overly sensitive, which can be unhealthy and lead to extremes, but this will also distract everyone else away from the actual message. The sender of that message isn’t necessarily insensitive to the actual monstrosity that is rape itself; so chill the fuck out and grow the fuck up…if you don't like it go burn some books or censor something...
@sookie: "I felt raped by the slurpy machine because it only filled 1/4 of the cup" is that in your common sense of adult literature a proper way of describing it or will it fall on the funny side? "I felt raped by my girl-friends when they left me with a 250 dollar tab to pay at the restaurant". Does it apply the same, the same rule? What if one finds it funny and the other one doesn`t. (the sensitive/over sensitive part of your, erm, argument).

I think taking advantage by patronizing is childish and one of the easiest and most dumb ways of taking advantage in a grown up discussion when used in those parameters you like using them. I want my Pony and I want it now goddammit!!!
I'm thinking you should probably just start off by taking a few community college classes and work your way up. At this point you are beyond my help...
@sookie: I`m thinking right now that my college education payed up well, and it helped me to discern "pamphlet arguments" to a wide extent.

I think I have figured out why your`re so obtuse, which I`ll leave for another post, but always you throw tantrums and curse evrytime at everybody when you start to loose grip on an argument, can`t get it back, and your only way out is to try to belittle or downgrade said person. Which says very much about what use you made of the education you received, and how you processed it. And rings out resonantly about who you are as a person, very loudly.
so obvious, Sookie_Artist.
Poor Leaky...
Poor me that I have "fans" who will benefit me with each week that passes. :D. Not that I am enticing you...it`s rich prose, I can understand why. :D
you suck too much sookie, it`s not good for you, I tell ya`.
I couldn't agree more w/ #1 they said it best!
give it a rest leaky, you sound dumber and dumber each time you attempt to put a sentence together
I think #3 said it best the rest of this is waste
Enough_Already where is your horn or heavy stick? Hypocritical to be kissing Damos derrière. You will win no enemies this way. Enough Already?

I'm not a fan of anyone in here but it just so happened he said only thing sensible so go figure
oops let me make a correction. I do like dmitrir. he pretty cool all the times I noticed.
@E_A: Kissing ass will really get you nowhere fast. Fans? "Followers"? More euphemisms you want? You need to check your priorities in life.
So people aren't allowed to like others in here? And liking them equates to kissing their ass? So on the hypothetical that you did have a fan, you wouldn't want him to like you? Lastly, do you consider yourself a schmuck?

And you say I belittle others. You should go back to the society ignorant post and read the comments about mirrors and then perhaps things will get clearer. Perhaps you will understand my intentions better...

That is all, the floor is yours exalted one...
@Sookie: People aren`t allowed to stalk others. Even if you will, you can say otherwise, but since you`re the only one who sees it your way, I don`t expect you to all of the sudden realize it, or the subtleties, nor the consequences.

Use e-mail, and chat, Facebook perhaps, to send personal messages. Which is the appropriate way of doing things. So don`t speak personally to me in here, under a nickname.

Let me explain it to you for the *last time*, and clearer.

"Fan"="follower"="parasite": STALKER.

STALKER= security practice = law enforcement flaws better themselves in the proces;


OFFENSE= violations of laws: repercussions.

How much more benevolent can it be? You wanna talk to me, you send me an e-mail. The rest you did it all to yourself. And in a public place which didn`t deserve any of this shit, and I dont feel good about it. And this is just a small part of your illegal stalking. The laws apply to me, so the laws as well apply to you.

Don`t talk to me no more in this blog, don`t adress me, or anyone or anybody for that matter in The Merc, and don`t hang around in this blog anymore. Don`t visit it either.

It would be better and easier for you. But I doubt it can`t get any worse than it already is about your current situation in this claim.

Am sorry to The Merc staff for this shit happening in here.
...And this is a person with whom I haven`t had any substancial contact, no real relationship whatsoever, in about 12 years.

If you read well Sookie, we`re taking actions. So, once again.

"Don`t talk to me no more in this blog, don`t adress me, or anyone or anybody for that matter in The Merc, and don`t hang around in this blog anymore. Don`t visit it either.

It would be better and easier for you. But I doubt it can`t get any worse than it already is about your current situation in this claim. "

"You wanna talk to me, you send me an e-mail. "

Wait a minute: did Leaky just threaten legal action against someone who disagreed with him/her on a blog?
hahaha yes apparently. what a fucking douche. This isn't stalking retard this is an argument which you are a part of and in fact you started this round. You say something about a relationship twelve years ago...that sucks for them because I don't know you nor do I want to. I don't have your email nor would I contact you if I did. This is too rich. I know you don't have a claim because a lawyer would take one look at this and say "no, there is nothing here"...

If you can't take it don't dish it out, douchebag...
Ok, this is getting weird now. Originally, this IA was a [very legit] grievence about price-gouging of books at PCC.
Yeah, Damosa, you`re right. I just wish for sookie-conflictartist to shut up, leave, and stop being way to Ignorant. Hey, for me is grant, but her 12 y.o mentality nagging and conclusions spoils my morning coffe and my daily reading.
Dude, YOU'RE the biggest instigator here!
Yeah, humbly and naturally is one of my biggest qualities for good or worst...
"yeah, *humility* and *naturalness* are *two* of my *best* qualities for *better* or *worse*..."
Thank you, English Nazi.
"Yeah, humbly and naturally is one of my biggest qualities for good or worst... "

And the GRAMMAR-FAIL/GROSS MISUSE OF WORD-PLACEMENT award for 2011 goes to...
drum rolls and loud please! one letter at a time if it can be done, throw some confetti, and if it can be found, an early Tom Waits impersonator to saya few words, then back to the letter by letters part again. Then if it`s me i step to the podium, and say another few words, I`ll do the robot, and take it from here.
Back on topic....yeah the books are outrageously priced. But you aren't legally binded to purchase your books there. Amazon, Craigslist, etc.

Cascade keeps a copy of each textbook being used on hold at the library.

Instructors are generally helpful in giving tips on getting around buying the brand-new version, some will let you know it's ok to use older versions.

Other students are awesome. If you ask, somebody will be willing to share their book/do homework with you/let you photo-copy the pages you need.

But I'm sure you're the idiot you who posted about how you don't want to be 'friends' with other students so you're on your own...
Those are two separate posts wubbles. The books one was by a completely diff author. I know because I wrote it. I don't know who the punk was but I try to be friendly and I appreciate the ideas from you and DamosA. Some books like the PCC version, you can't buy at the cheaper outlets but the photocopy things is such a great idea. Thank you so much it will save me a ton of money...
Some of this stuff, there's just no way to know unless you've gone through the student experience abit.

When i started my spring term this year (back in school for the first time in years), i thought i would be all smart and responsible and buy all my used books as soon as i got money for the store. At the end if the term, i'd just sell 'em back and maybe get at least half what i paid. Pffft.

My math book i barely needed at all. Two books i couldn't sell. One book i did sell - but needed right back for summer (writing 121 and 122 both use the same MLA)!

One of the folks in my math 20 class told me he would just borrow a book from the library and copy whatever pages he needed. He never did buy the book. Good for him - he would've been stuck with a useless $70 math book post-term since that edition was upgraded too.
What I hated was spending 90-100 dollars on a book and then told at the end of the semester that they were not buying the book back because they were using a new one for next semester
The book prices are crazy.
Isn't language always in a state of change? Personally, I don't really use the word 'rape' much, but its' meaning can have new conotations or uses, correct? Look at the use of the word 'gay'.
I saw an interview with Orson Welles bemoaning the loss of the word 'gay' in our language, as he said no other word conveys the original meaning.
Not that 'rape' is the same here, but you feel me on this?
Sounds like what I paid for in college for books 10 years ago. I don't think you can blame PCC for how expensive books are.
No, you're right. It's NOT just PCC! It's really a national scam that school books are soo goddamned expensive, even thought most of them will be worthless in a year. Unless Powells has some sweet buy-back program i'm not aware of.

I certainly don't hold PCC responsible for the costs. It's awesome that they keep multiply copies of books in the library.