Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a veteran’s worst nightmare!

Well first of all, and gay rights activist I sure hope you take this and run with it…
In February of 1778, George Washington who was the Commander of the Revolutionary Army, hired a Prussian Army Officer, name Baron Von Steuben.
Von Steuben’s military career was ruined in his own country because of his flamboyant homosexuality. But, here’s the thing, George Washington didn’t care because he recognized Von Steuben’s strategic genius. Von Steuben brought order and hygiene to Valley Forge, and not only that he instilled discipline by writing the Revolutionary War Drill Manual and training an elite force (which, was roughly a special forces unit) of 100 men. He then taught those men how to train the other men, thus creating basic training and the idea of the drill sergeant to our country, before it was even a country.
So, let me get this straight…
The military, my military, is saying that gay men and women shouldn’t serve (which is unconstitutional). They have the nerve to proliferate this ridiculous idea even though a gay man invented basic training, and the concept of drill sergeants (Von Steuben didn’t speak English so he actually had a translator curse at his trainees for him- so freakin’ hard core, I love it!!), and helped us defeat the British so we could become our own country. We are a dominant global military presence thanks in part to this gay man.
From: an honorable discharged female combat veteran