Dear Customer, I Hate You.


With an attitude like that, no wonder you still work in retail after 15 years.
This person must work at Everyday Music
Great. You realize no one gives a shit what you think, right?
This has been posted before.
I'm sorry, clerk at the record store, that I mentioned how much I love the song "Fallin' for You" by Colbie Caillat. I should have been talking about Amon Duul or the majestic shredding of Keiji Haino. My bad. When you attempt to punch me in my fat fucking face, I'll try not to pulverize your glasses when I grab the back of your greasy head and play scratch piklz shit on the turntable with yr face.
Can you put a rubber band around the egg carton, please? Then another one around your testicles, very tight?
Really??!! The feeling is MUTUTAL! And while we're at it, the BEST invention so far in the 21st century? Self checkouts at the grocery store! More of those, please, and less annoying checkout clerks with pithy comments, mind-numbing small talk and bad 'tudes.
@ Todd -- frackin' hilarious!
Like DamosA said- this has been done and now your chosen topic leaves a redundant and boring shit stain that requires many more posts before it's out of view...Now, bring on the posts double time this week Anonnies...