Is This a Real Thing?


Yes. These things happen all the time. Also, whenever there's an explosion, time slows down. If you shoot someone, they instantly fall over dead. Gravity only goes into effect when you realize you're no longer standing on solid ground. Everything you've ever seen in a movie is completely factual.
Yes they do actually happen, occasionally.

And this ain't Yahoo! Answers, incidentally.
Not real. What's real tends to be waaay more akward. Cloths can sometimes get ripped, though.
Don't know, but doubt it. Good question. I think we'll allow it. Just unleash your anger and reform as a rant next time.
Yes, several times I've started ripping my clothes off during a heated argument. Problem is the other person didn't. Awkward!
If youre coming from the dentists, I will allow this (this is not an encouraging to keep posting, I.E, dont post no more), just for this time, if not, which is surely the case, follow rich bachelor advise. Snob.
Yes it happens. If you are lucky enough to find someone you can truly argue with, let it all out and simultaneously use the high that follows to facilitate a hot fuck session, you know you have a keeper. The kisses also happen but quite often are fake and the product of all the bullshit media that has taken over our sub-conscience.
Sorry for not being more angry guys..I will try harder next time.
There's a correlation between attractiveness and make-out ability, as seen in the movies. It is known.
Theres too the scenario in the morning time about the cheerios box that when it comes without a toy but the box says it has a toy indeed brings down my libido unconsciously.
That movie make out stuff is designed to be enjoyed by others who are watching it. I can't seem to recall a kiss I've had that wasn't special. I can recall many movie moment kisses, the kind where everything around the other person fades to grey and you start connecting more than just physically. But that's just me.
Damn Portland! Aren't any of you method-acting fuckers going to offer the poor thing a first-hand lesson with all your expert advice?! I think that is what this poor child is intimating...