Congratulations to David Stern


I was just thinking of that funny sound Curly, of the Three Stooges, makes when he sleeps...
Take it to the sports section, buddy. BORING!
...Witha Iggy POP soundtrack you GREMBLIM!!!(™)
Sports fans and citizens everywhere should agree these are some of the entitled millionaire assholes who need to be taxed more. Our whole economy is in the tank and yet owners, coaches and players can't even fairly split the friggin' billions they have between themselves.

I wonder how sports dynamics would change if teams--many, even, let's say--adopted the community ownership strategy of the Green Bay Packers and set up their team as a non-profit org and hence a true community team, with winning, fun, and camaraderie as the true ultimate goals instead of profit. Win-win-win. And fatcats lose. That there's a political game we oughta be ready to play.