Free Stuff is Trash!


I came across a moldy "free box" a couple of weeks ago that had a single spoon in it.
And then sometimes you put stuff out on the sidewalk, and it's gone in under ten minutes. Goes to show, I guess, that generalizing leads to...not much, really.
I agree rich bachelor. It's easy to get fed up with so much garbage being put out on the sidewalk of a neighborhood but who am I to judge what is garbage- one man's trash is another mans treasure, right?
I agree that, once it's wet, it's trash. Your free stuff is not a pussy. Or, if I'm wrong, call me.
Was it in YOUR yard?
Was it in YOUR way?
Did you trip over it and twisted an ankle?

Then what are you bitching about? Find some REAL problems. NEXT!
And if it smells 8 feet away, its not even wanted by "Vintagers". Next and what Damos said at the end of his post.
That's got to be the lamest I, Anon blog post in a while, which means it's the one the Merc will print this week.
Don't forget Goodwill. They take knickknacks and sell them for a good cause.
Also Freecycle, ReBuilding Center, etc.
So sometimes it's gone in under 10 minutes, sometimes it sits around for two weeks. The point is is, go back and pick it up and dispose of it property, especially now that it's the rainy time of the year. Summer is really the only time for free boxes, IMO. Unless it's really something good and will be gone in 10 minutes, just give it away or donate it properly rather than letting it get rained on.
I saw one with an industrial size bottle of Desitin once. Made me laugh.
"Don't forget Goodwill. They take knickknacks and sell them for a good cause."

Yeah, Goodwill (if you could even call them that) is a CHRISTIAN corporation who's position on homosexuals is pretty damned clear. Plus, contrary to their "goodwill" and fraudulent status as a non-profit, GW's CEO's are about the highest paid in the sector.

Read the 'criticism' section on it's wiki page:…
Speak for yourself, haters. Nothing more I'd love than coming across a box filled with old Martha Stewart Living mags. She's my inspiration and the sole voice I turn to when I habitually redecorate my house with the money I save from my SNAP benefits.
NYC (Manhattan) is the only place I know that has decent trash to dig in. The guy/gal is right to bash vanity trash.