Are Oregonian Employees Exempt from DUII Reports?


I want me some of that exemption. DUIIs here I come.
Very simple procedure:

1. Hit the lottery.
2. Buy the Oregonian.
3. Print whatever you want.
Offer a live sacrifice to Chthulu, Lord of Declining Media.
The Oregonian is a relic of a bygone era that continues to delve deeper into tragically desperate depths of "journalism." Or, more aptly, what former Oregonian editor Doug Bates rightly refers to as "gerbalism."

Their comment-removal protocol regularly allows homophobic, racist, sexist, hateful, spiteful and otherwise socially unacceptable (I would define that in this context as "things that would never be said in a face-to-face setting") comments while regularly removing comments validly and politely criticizing Oregonian reporters, editors or reporting.

They also have recently been a WW Rogue of the Week for re-posting paid-for content as actual news (through the Oregonian News Network) without disclosing it. The newspaper is dead technology, knows it, and in its struggle to survive has lost all ethical compass and consistency. It's fucking sad.