Occupy Irony!


Them- Driving a luxury suv on their way to drinks and good times with friends.

You- Broke asshole sleeping in a fucking park.

Yeah, those dudes sure sound like losers....
engage, not "ingage".
Dude, you're the real loser, Anon, like #1 said. In your FACE! Hold on, time to slam some Four Loko [...] Shit, bro, that hit the spot. So anyway, if people are worried about economic issues, maybe they should have majored in Business or Marketing and then work on their resume and networking and shit, instead of getting some ghey, useless degree. Economic problems solved. Sweet, Jager shot time! [...] OK, I'm back. Where was I? So yeah, LOSER, you probably sucked at sports in high school and your parents probably make a pathetic five-figure salary. So, I hope your broke ass can afford to take the bus at least, while I cruise in my LUXURY SUV high-fiving my good friends.
@iceprez, how do you know the person who posted this is broke? And, yeah, someone shouts insults at other people from the safety of a car for no reason other than to be an asshole is, in fact, an asshole.
make that "someone who"
But seriously, Anon, get a fuckin' job. Its just sad seeing you sitting out there day in and day out.
@geyser - Do I know you? You sound very familiar, all of a sudden.
Damn. Lots of hate here for the occupiers. I don't know why people assume that the individuals taking part in this demonstration are strictly jobless, street kids. Get your head out of your ass.

@geyser "pathetic five-figure salary"...really dude? I guess that means you make six?
Call me presumptuous here, but I'm pretty sure that Geyser was using a little-used literary device known as "irony."
*makes "over my head" hand gesture*

Reading it again, I do believe you are correct. I think it was the "should have majored in Business or Marketing" part that finally made it click. It was so well written I actually thought he was just an asshole. My bads.
Well, their grammer couldn't be any worse than yours.
I can't really spot any irony either.
Oh, when can we get our park back please?
@frankieb: there's no shortage of parks in this town.
Yeah, i see the majority of posters here are your typical dipshits, just like the cowards in that SUV.

Here's news for you, shitheads: THE MAJORITY OF OCCUPY ACTIVISTS ACTUALLY DO WORK, OR GO TO SCHOOL! And many of them are war vets as well. Most of the 100+ protesters who were arrested and shoved around by cops in Boston last week were WAR VETS! Many trade unionists have been arrested all over the country while taking part in Occupy. More than two dozen folks were arrested by pigs while attempting to close THEIR OWN accounts at a Citibank branch in Manhattan last Friday (last time i checked, homeless "bums" and squatter punks didn't typically keep checking accounts)!

But i suppose you assholes wouldn't really know all that stuff, listening to the typical media (who did their damnedest to ignore the revolt at first). Have fun sitting at home, not doing jack shit... except call someone ELSE a loser.

Ohhh, irony...
Frankieb: Criticizing someone else's grammar while misspelling "grammar" makes you look like a fucking moran.
Oh man, i totally missed that! What an asshole frank is, LOL!
Shouting insults from an SUV is cowardly but posting an anonymous blog insulting the same people is not?
Where are the 'insults" you speak of? It's simply CALLING IT LIKE IT IS. Those shitheads sped off. So are you defending THEM?
portland is full of lazy hipsters who work at coffee shops for about 6 hours a week and consider that a contribution to society. if you want some money, try harder. Im born and raised in portland and I have had a job consistently since I was 14. Im not rich, and I only have a high school education. While all the hipsters were complaining I was out looking for jobs. I really dont care if anyone thinks Im being arrogant for tooting my own horn; Im not the one spending my rent money on a horizontally striped sweater from urban outfitters.
The funny part about this is that the SUV driver and friends were a bunch of dudes with no chicks in sight. Unless they're queer, than they like that. Just saying usually people like that are very lonely and major pussies.