Yeah You Got Shot at, Get Over it


This IA is really onto something. Jarheads in general tend to be fucking assholes.
Hundred per cent solid, this one. On one hand, we don't wanna shit on soldiers for being soldiers. On the other hand, I keep noticing that there's plenty of people in our society who think the only decent thing you can do for your country is die for it. I (politely) disagree.
If you are an asshole toward other people for being assholes you are still an asshole. Asshole.
Wait a minute: so unless you're kind one hundred per cent of the time -which I've never seen anyone pull off- you're an asshole, so that means...THAT WE'RE ALL ASSHOLES?

JE-sus! Don't-
(head explodes)
There are annoying-as-fuck drunk ass liberals out there too, whom spout off their politics too easily.
ESPECIALLY in this town. I've been one myself, sad to say.
This asshole writing.... fuck- where to start?
I don't know if I could ever 'get over' getting fucking shot at, and I bet this asshole couldn't either.
OK, bringing it up loud and drunk in a bar ain't cool, but jeez, motherfucker, take it with the grain of salt you do when you listen to your drunk pal with the BA in Graphic Design go on and on about the evils of G.W. Bush.
You liked to laugh at homeless Vietnam Vets?
Hardy Fucking Har Har, boy what a sense of refined humor you have.
There are members of all politcal parties within the military too.
Obviously calling yourself 'over-educated' was a stretch. You didn't get your monies worth pal.
I respect our soldiers and veterans. However, the whole "I was in so-n-so war fighting for our country, where were you" or "I'm special because I'm a veteran" argument is complete nonsense. Whether you chose to join the military out of a sense of duty, for the benefits, due to complete ignorance or out of desperation to escape your environment, your experiences there make you no better or worse than anyone else.
I'll just add that I also like what frankieb had to say. I love that fucker :D
Neither then is attaining higher education, etc, make you better than anyone else, correct?
The writer is all sarcastic about vets. Grew up laughing at them.
Maybe the drunk was making a needed point to this asshole. We don't know what the asshole writer was putting on the FB to make the vet respond so harshly.
2 sides to every story, right?
But the writer certainly doesn't have any sort of enlightenment about the men and women who serve our country.
Correct and Correct...
rich bachelor - what is the saying? 'the mark of the immature man is he is willing to die nobly for a cause (country?) while the mature man is willing to live humbly for one'
Something like that.
I think of suicide bombers when I think of that.
And frank makes the quantum leap way over to suicide bombers. EPIC logical fallacy achieved!
"A soldier accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member, defending it, if need be, with his life. A civilian does not."
That should be money's worth. It is possesive, not plural.
"A soldier accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member, defending it, if need be, with his life. A civilian does not."

Nah, that's bullshit. There's more to it, than that. You're way off on that one.
No, in a nutshell, that is completely correct.
Even if lifted from a movie.
@frankieb - A book! Was that quote even IN the horrible movie version?

And Damos...I didn't expect you to get it. You aren't someone who would.
I didn't "get it" b/c it didn't make any sense.
ConflictArtist: "However, the whole "I was in so-n-so war fighting for our country, where were you" or "I'm special because I'm a veteran" argument is complete nonsense."

Do you really hear vets making that argument a lot? I don't. Every vet I know doesn't talk about being in the service, because it was unpleasant and how could I understand anyway?

This I Anon poster obviously has trouble with a specific vet. He needs to have the balls to talk to him, or just distance himself. Instead he's spouting about his education through I Anonymous. Sounds like a pussy.
Fuck soldiers. If you choose to be somebody's tool for love of machismo and superstition, then don't cry to me when you get fucking shot. Sorry that high school football is over, but I am sure that there are other way to show Jesus how big your cock is without shooting children in other countries. I could give a fuck about any of you.
Vietnam vets were mostly draftees (including myself). There were very few vounteers. It does bother me a bit to see how recent vets are cast in the mold of heroes just because they signed up for the military.
@detailguy, don't be so petty.
Just because they signed up, it doesn't mean they wanted to go to war. There are very very few people of that mindset.
Don't forget many of them got 'extended' and had to stay in longer than they signed up for, too.
These men and women are still doing what chickenshit dumbasses like #21 wouldn't do.
There are a lot of guys in the military that seem to be just trying to extend their high school football or wrestling days with what is perceived to be some macho shit, it's true. There are a lot of us that aren't. Then again, there a lot of guys like that who are civilians. There are lot of people on the left who claim a moral superiority in their beliefs and actions that effect a broad swath of people, and yet act like total douche nozzles to the people who actually know them and whose lives they *actually* effect. I've known die-hard conservatives who, despite a completely non-reconcilable and often flat out cruel political beliefs, are nonetheless some of the kindest people I've ever known.

It bothers me, it greatly bothers me when people take the actions of a few and make a broad assumption that that must be exactly what that entire group is like.

Oh, and IA? I don't care who you are, how you got it, or where it happened. Getting shot is a pretty big deal. It's bound to be more than a little memorable, and you might want to consider that it makes for a better bar story than that time you were talking to a friend and came up with a clever anecdote. On the spot!
You should have said something to his face instead of hiding behind your keyboard coward. You have no idea what this kid has been through, maybe he's full of shit, but maybe he's not and he's dealing with some issues and wants people to pat him on the back to make him feel better for what's eating him up inside. These guys deserve respect whether you agree with the wars or not...
This is spot on, and I have a broken coffee table to prove it, from the shitfaced Marine with severe mental health issues my friend brought over, who proceeded to get scared and angry, yell, cry, vomit all over my carpet and then fall through a piece of (inherited, one-of-a-kind) furniture.

Oh, and the statistics on rape cases by returning vets are about the most fucking horrific thing I've ever seen.
You should stick that broken coffee table up your ass Oregometry, it's what people like you deserve.
Because only vets can get shit-faced, puke and break yer coffee table.
I guess when I've had parties that some 'hipsters' attend and shit goes missing I am to assume all hipsters are theives too, right?
You know, believe it or not, our military has been used for humanitarian reasons too.
They exert the will of our politicians, for good or bad.
Good response, roland. You must be charming in conversation.

Look, my boss is a veteran that did 3 tours in Iraq, and we talk about this all the time. Troops coming back receive horribly inadequate mental health screenings, aren't screened at all when they come back for leave (only when they demobilize) and don't receive treatment necessary. On top of that, many spend long hours glued to internet porn while deployed and come back with terrible sex addictions coupled with superiority complexes that make them think they can yell and make people do things for them, because that's the way it is when they're holding the gun.

"Supporting our troops" means a whole lot fucking more than slapping a sticker on your goddamn Bronco, and Roland's response smacks of the kind of willful ignorance that perpetuates the harm to our troops and to those they encounter when they come back to America.

Also, Roland, go fuck yourself (that's apparently the language you speak).
I don't like the assumption that vets need to undergo mental health screenings after their tour, nor the implication that they are fucked up either prior to service or because of their service.
Nor then the assuption that internet porn causes 'terrible' sex addictions (what does that mean - they wanna suddenly fuck camels?) ((I also thought we are all 'addicted' to sex anyway)). Every teenage kid must surely suffer too from this serious problem, right?
Then 'superiority complexes' are not merely confined to vets either. In fact, I'd argue that the military experience is one that teaches you to be humble more than anything else. Maybe humble isn't the exact word I'm looking for here, but you learn to communicate and work with people from all walks of life, races, and areas of the country. I think most vets take a degree of pride in that, but I wouldn't call it a 'superiority complex'.
Supporting our Troops also means to me not having these false stereotypes perpetuated against them.
Thus my beef with the asshole IA writer.
I speak multiple languages Oregometry, my comment to you was dumbed down to complement your post about the shit-faced marine who broke your coffee table. Your inability to see that the crying Marine was more of a tragedy than your broken coffee table prompted my recommendation for an "inherited one-of-a-kind" Colonoscopy.

I spent 13 months in Kandahar so I'm well aware the harm that our troops are facing in and out of the war zone. But you talk to one guy and you seem to have developed a view that we're all a bunch of bossy wankers.
Im a veteran of OIF (Feb 2003-Nov 2003). Mental Health screenings were given to us prior to going back to the states. If you passed you went home. If you failed you stayed in Germany indefinetly. We would all lie and say we were fine so we could go home. That said, the vast majority of us came home okay. Yes, there were times when I would cry for no reason or have feelings of dread every time I drove under an overpass, but that goes away.
As for what I,A thinks, most of us who served dont give a shit about the opinions of those who did not. Then again, most of us who served dont get shitfaced at bars and talk openly about our experiences. Anyone who does is either crazy or a liar.

@23- Having an enlistment extended, or stop-lossed, is a possibility that everyone who enlists is made aware of. I joined in 1995 and this part of my contract was read out loud to me before I signed. It is even in bold print at the bottom of the contract itself
Thank you for chiming in, iceprez, with your experience and insight. You actually sound like my boss (which, if you are, hey, we're both fucking around on company time!) in that you take a very big-picture look at this. Thank you for your service, and please note that my comments above (trollish though they are) are fully in support of large-scale support for our veterans. We should give them all first and last month's rent and a short-range electric car when they come home (as stimulus in domestic manufacturing, thereby creating jobs that would undoubtedly go to a lot of veterans) and no I'm not kidding.
iceprez - I don't remember that part, but I'm sure you're correct.
It'd still suck though to be counting the days to ETS and then have it yanked.
#33- It would be nice to get those things, but I took full advantage of the benefits the military offered me, including cancer treatments, the Army College Fund that paid for my degree at Portland State, and the VA home loan that has a fixed rate of 4%. My first day at the Reception Battailion at Ft Jackson we were told that there was no way we would become war heros because we fight our battles from the air. Look how that turned out.

Anyone who came home fucked up in the long term was fucked up before they even made it to the service. I met lots of kids joined because they wanted to "Blow shit up!!!!" Unfortunately, they got their chance
Wasn't it an ex-Marine that murdered Dimebag Darrell?