Double Yellow Line Douchebags


While I agree that one ought to have the common decency to not try to turn across a lane of traffic immediately after an intersection if it causes traffic to back up into the intersection, I'm not sure you should be casting such weighty stones regarding the overall ignorance of the average driver. At least you will soon probably understand the true value of the anonymity provided by the anonymous rant.
The law is the law, Spudboy. When you see a double yellow line, it means something, right? If not, why are not all lines painted white? Why is it yellow, and why is it solid? What does it mean? What is the "man" trying to tell us? If people understood traffic laws, which it is my fault to assume that they do, then they will know that it means you cannot turn. Like a red light means stop and green means go. These rules mean something, and you can't just decide which ones to adhere to. It has nothing to do with decency, it has to do with knowing how to fucking drive. And I love how people here complain about people posting anonymously. It's called I, Anonymous for a fucking reason! I posted it under my account, and it still showed me as Anonymous... so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh, and I never liked Devo.
1. A double yellow line does not mean you cannot cross it; it means it's unlawful to cross it.

2. Anyone who never liked Devo isn't worth wasting time on anyway.

3. There is no number 3.
The benefit of a rant being anonymous, booshamp, is that it is somewhat less embarrassing when you realize that you're wrong. Given that booshamp is likely not your given name, you will still likely enjoy some of that benefit. Actually, I guess now you will get to enjoy that partial benefit twice. Congrats.
Sure you even have the law correct?
nick is right, this is not illegal in oregon.
Anonymous might be from California where they ticket people they don't like for turning left mid-block.

I've never been quite certain that the Oregon law "When making a left turn at an intersection, alley or private road or driveway" means turning from the street into a driveway or just turning onto a street from an alley or driveway.
Ok, we get it IA. Everyone on Earth is a freakin' idiot. But not YOU, right? You're the smartest guy on Earth.
Perhaps the clarification here is that when you pass, you cross the double lines twice. When you turn, you only cross them once.

In Washington they wrote it more clearly: "You may cross yellow lane markings, except medians, to turn left if it is safe." Case closed.

Oregon, knock, knock, did you see that?
Keep posting posting your traffic compliant Booshamp unless it has to do with the infringement of BICYCLE RIGHTS then please refrain from posting that crap. You mostly seem to write with legit issues though.

Todd you crack me the fuck up keep posting posting.

Devo is whipped out...
Wow, talk about DOUCHEBAGS...apparently the original poster was one of those that passed the test with a crappy score and missed the question about turning across that double yellow...because it IS legal, in MANY situations. Dipshit