Stop Parking In Front Of The Stop Sign!


Of course one should never obstruct flow on a pubic street.

So, where are the pubic streets in Portland? I only ask because I want to move there.
The answer to your question is in your statement that he belongs to a 'bicycle Co-op'. Of course he doesn't think the laws apply to him. He probably normally rides his bike and runs every stop sign and red light he can also.
what? You've been hit head-on and almost killed "countless times"? I'd think by this time you'd be super-cautious at that intersection.

Anyway, now that I've enjoyed a few seconds of hilarity, on to the gist of the complaint. Although I think I'd rather dwell on the origin and meaning of the word "gist"...nevertheless, I'm a stickler for where I park. I always look for a legal spot simply because I don't want to have to pay a ticket. I start fuming when I see people parked like this and find that I *want* them to get a ticky! Or towed!

So I'm in complete agreement with this. It really isn't safe to park like that.
Random cAPitalization FtW!
BreakIng tHe law brEAKing thE LAw. I Guess they're above the law.

I def feel for this AI poster Riding a bicycle on a narrow double side parked side street (or any fucking roadway) always makes my bike zen go way up. Don't forget to always bring your bicycle into your living space.
I wish this Vehicle driving bicycle Co-Oper starts to use public transit or taake up riding a bike.
I mean IA poster. Ugh!
If your vehicle is stopped in front of a stop sign for more than three minutes than your parked there. The stop sign was not intended for that type of use. For the people that park in front of fire hydrants if a emergency arises & EMT/fire personal can't use it or park there b/c of your lazy park job. I think you should be excluded from being able to their emergency services in the future!

I propose that the fire hydrants should be underground like in Finland & other parts of the world. But people need not to block the streets with vehicles for their own parking purposes.
Hahaha, pubic.
Calling the cops over what YOU perceive to be a parking violation?
Go FUCK yourself, snitch.
Get a valve stem remover, let the air out of all t he tires and throw away the valve stems.
Christ you are a gash. Why don't you call your fucking mommy. I bet you have girl arms.
guys, guys-- relax. it's a Mini Cooper. it's so small and urban. it fits my personality perfectly: inauthentic, faux-quirky and sorta-retro. if my career in Project Management has taught me anything it's that in order to survive in this tough 10am-4:30pm world, you need to buy a lifestyle car that suits you. and look, here, on page 7: the sales brochure clearly says I ca n "park it anywhere". Believe me, I looked into buying an Outback before I pulled the trigger on the MINI. But who needs those extra doors? I can fit three HUGE bags of overpriced kitchen shit from Sur La Table in there. believe me, I've done it.