It all started out like any other typical shopping experience at Fred Meyers (on Hawthorne). I was finished with my shopping and had to return to yet another fun line to buy myself smokes. I was in line behind you as you railed into the customer service lady for god knows what, making sure all of us around you knew that you were so important. Yes, you are a cocksucker. You should get that as a shirt I thought.

Anyway, on my way out and I realize I forgot cash. I head over to the ATM and there you are again. Yay, another line.

Watching you get another fix of self entitlement isn't much fun after a few minutes so I go read a magazine nearby. I lookup and finally, you have left.

As I approach the ATM I hear beeping. The screen reads a familiar prompt. "Would you like another transaction"? I press yes then the balance inquiry. Wow! You got some loot there little man.
I next press withdrawl and then the 400 dollar button.
It all comes out and I feel an unexpected surge of excitement.
Thanks for the dough asswipe!