hey, you god damn douche bags slowing up my bar. yeah, order your amf, your long island, vodka redbull, hipnotiq, tic tac who close out your card immediately. do you realize that by not bringing cash to a bar, and using your fucking american express card you are not only screwing yourself, and us over with fees, but are making it 5X slower for us to serve the other fucking idiots trying to impress their friends with not only a drink that is obnoxious to say, but to make? next time you want to go out, and actually have fun, bring some cash, and just hold it in your hand. don't yell at me while i'm taking someone else's order. don't flail your arms at me like i'm about to run over a manitee. you are right in front of my face. i see you. show some class, and if you hate alcohol, get the vodka redbull with cash, and relax. i know you have it in you. i'm sure you're smart and successful. so show it. using your credit card makes everyone you want to dance with have to wait, and your bartenders frustrated. cocktails, even gross ones are for lounges. credit cards are for furniture, and cash is for getting shit done so you can have a good time. get with it.