Support Local Business?


I hear ya, I got some extra cash out so I wouldn't have to go to an ATM for a while. Kind of a hassle having to carry this briefcase everywhere, though.
I am a small business owner, who was there, in person, supporting Occupy Portland, and shooting video on my iPad. It was the small army of riot police in the streets, blocking the Max and the traffic lanes, and pepper-spraying non-violent protesters on the sidewalks. (Except for the scary moment when the horses rushed in, and forced some of us out into the streets, where the riot cops rushed at us.) If you try looking at the video and photos (on the news or on YouTube), without letting some droning voice tell you what you're seeing, you would see that. Since that day, Police Chief Mike Reese has apologized, and stood down 100%. There is no longer ANY police presence at Occupy events, and guess what. Zero disruptions to traffic. Zero disruptions to the peace. All you need to do is use your eyes, and form your own opinion for yourself. (That's how I came to be a supporter of Occupy myself.)
Who cares if you were there you pud. Wrong forum.
I'm calling bullshit on you, IA. You run a small business, but you cannot afford an iPad?
It's going to get worse before it gets better. If it gets better. Social change has costs, just like everything else.
One of several predictable, repetitive, faux-populist attacks on Occupy participants is that they apparently have armloads of all the latest technological equipment. This is right up there with the "war on Christmas." All the Occupy protests I've seen in various cities, most people just have basic cell phones, and probably 1-2% of occupiers using a smart phone or a laptop. And shame on them for not taking a vow of poverty so as to be morally pure (which would have won them SO much respect from most people).
To clarify my "point" in case it wasn't clear: it's interesting that such a graphic and extreme statement about fascism (and power in general) has always sold fairly well in the US, despite being a highly disturbing Italian film from the 1970s. For what it's worth, I recommend it highly over Mr Popper and his filthy penguins.
Oh furchrissakes, I meant to post that last comment in the video store one. Time for me to quit posting for today and go sleep it off.
Wait a minute: how do you get the "o" in "Salo" to do that?

Diacritic-ologist Sūṕër Ḉḩüñdŷ should probably be fielding these questions.
Damosa, have you ever fucking run a small business?
No i have not. What has that to do with anything?
i love how all of you who have commented on my post, when i finally had the time to read these comments, focus on the ipad part. seriously, i am not talking even about one particular day, frequently sw main and sw madision have been blocked, which means the number 14 bus cannot pick up riders, hence they cannot arrive at my location on the bus line. and damosa, good luck at being able to run a small business (other than drug dealing) where you can just use disposable cash to pick up an ipad. think i would rather spend my money on advertising, not surfing the web wasting my time responding to ias because i have nothing better to do.