Aggro at the Video Store


Maybe you should get the fuck out of the way. Assholes like you are just as self entitled with your so important "catching up" that blocks grocery aisles and obstructs the entire viewing of all movie titles M-Z. Take it to the center or better yet, out side. No one wants to hear you two yammer on about stupid shit from your past.
You're lucky the old man didn't pop you in your penguin you dicksmack. I would have.
"Mr. Popper's Penguins" isn't on DVD yet. I'm pretty sure he was reaching for "Salò." Don't dally in front of the Pasolini section unless you want a truncheon up the ass, bucko.
I've never heard of this movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins", so i looked up a trailer on the youtube. Man, it's just some stupid little children's
film. IA, you should've kicked that guy right in the balls.
"Salo" - now there was a joyous film. Gotta remember to get that for all the family to watch on X-Mas.

(OK, how do I make the correct 'o' anyway?)

IA, get the hell out of the way.
This happens at Laurelthirst all the time. The music ends and a mob of 20-30 people crowd the sidewalk to smoke
& drink & bullshit with each other. They almost never move for pedestrians
@frankieb: search for "salo" and then copy the text with the correct accent from some other page. In this case you could've just copied it from my comment.
So, nothing like a 'CTRL 130' trick?
Maybe you shouldn't catch up in a movie store and block the movies! Guess what, that's what people are there for. Go get coffee if you want to catch up with an old friend, don't just stand in front of the movies tha people want. Because that's what they are there for. You got it? Good.
Learn keyboard shortcuts by using Google, not on Blogtown. That's my helpful suggestion.

Also, check out B&N: Salò is close to their top 10 bestselling Blu-rays right now, up there with Harry Potter and Star Wars box sets.…
To clarify my "point" in case it wasn't clear: it's interesting that such a graphic and extreme statement about fascism (and power in general) has always sold fairly well in the US, despite being a highly disturbing Italian film from the 1970s. For what it's worth, I recommend it highly over Mr Popper and his filthy penguins.
OK, Google it is then -- but I'll miss using Blogtown as yet another soarce of varied info.
DamosA - while I haven't seen, nor heard of, "Mr Popper's Penguins" you shouldn't be hatin' on kids movies. Some are quite good.
My buddy brought his little girls over the other day and we were all watching and enjoying 'My Neighbor Totoro' together.