You’re Not a Dick, I Should Have High-Fived You


Ah well, I don't think anyone would blame you for assuming someone stepping out in front of you in downtown Portland was probably annoying at least, and likely in the mood to harass. Still though; you apologized. Fist bump.
Who high-fives a random passing biker, though? Are people that desperate to inspire Portlandia sketches?
I thought you were a real trooper, until you apologized for your totally justified behavior.I was really on your side. Now YOU are the dick.
We need to set an example for all the dickheads holding "free hugs" signs, commenting on "sic boots" and sporting ironic t shirts, to all of the recent pilgrims to the Northwest, flaunting their silly hats, and propagating the so called "weirdness" they somehow decided was acceptable behavior in Portland , we must raise our middle fingers in solidarity and proudly declare, " DON'T BE A DICK, ASSHOLE"
Nah, never mind: commenter #3 is a dick. That kind of dick that spends all his or her time crying about other people's fashion choices, no less.
high-fiving is barely one step above saying "23-skidoo!" or having a Twist party. Actually a Twist party sounds good, but before I get off the point, high-fiving is some relic of long ago. It stopped being new about 30 years ago. Some people like high-fiving, though, so good for them.

You didn't need to insult the dude, though.
Does this mean I can closeline you? Sweet!