It’s Just Paint


Sounds to me like she just wanted to sleep with you and was flirting. Did you pick up on that?
exactly, cougar on the prowl
a bit of luck for the lady, I'd say.
Sooooo, you felt strongly/offended enough about this extremely mild grip that you just had to write an IA about it?

Someone tried to talk to you. Some random stranger feigned interest in what you were doing... uhm, o k... you are literally the ONLY person on Earth who cares.
It's hard for me, too... but I've decided to not give a shit about people's feelings who have no social awareness. Lucky for us who are sensitive: they're not; they'll hardly notice.
Mean to an old lady. Wow.
One who was genuinely interesting in you and what you were doing. It's like people are given tiny lovely blessings every day that they cast onto the ground.
Good thing you feel like a jerk, you fucking are one. Being pleasant to another human being is way more difficult than being a dickhead to one, you cop out art douche.
Think about it this way: you didn't just blow off an annoying older lady, you blew off your audience for your art. I'm going to guess that is not such a huge population that you can afford to alienate that many of them. Plus, could have probably got a nice hummer out of it.
"I was sending [her] really clear body language that I didn't want to talk."

I doubt that you were. Let's review.…