To everyone on public transportation: Take your freaking bag off already! It is a standing room only bus! You are hitting me in the face! Take off your backpacks, wearable suitcases, giant freaking hipster messenger bags and purses you can hold a child in and HOLD THEM IN YOUR HAND! Rest them on the floor, tuck them between your legs whatever JUST STOP beating me in the f'ing face everytime I have the misfortune to sit by one of you which is f'ing everyone. Or when I have to stand behind you and you seem to have no fing clue that you shove me about 3 ft behind you into the crotch of whoever is behind me. AND KEEP ME THERE. UNABLE TO MOVE! Not only is it RUDE and TAKES UP SPACE, but if everyone took their bags off it would free up half the bus and more people could get on and not be refused a ride cause the bus is apparently too full. Please and Thank You. Damn!