Hey lady! What makes you think it's OK to leave a young puppy tied up in the bitter cold and dark in front of Ruby Jewel while you and your child eat ice cream inside the nice warm parlor? I haven't heard a dog cry and literally scream like that since I saw one hit by a car and eviscerated. We could hear your animal two blocks away. It went on for 15-20 minutes. Folks were coming out of the bars and restaurants to see what was going on. They were getting their cell phones out to call the police. Your animal was NOT making happy noises. You cannot take a young pack animal and leave it tied up alone in the dark and cold. They don't have much of a cerebral cortex. Your puppy doesn't know anything except that it's pack has abandoned it in the dark and bitter cold.
What makes you think that it's OK for everybody else trying to have a quiet Sunday evening to be subjected to this tortured crying and screaming?
I shudder to think what lesson you are teaching your child about compassion and care. I also pity your neighbors every day when you leave your puppy with separation anxiety screaming all day while you go on with your life.
Shame on you and shame on the other folks inside Ruby Jewel who didn't say or do a damn thing!
I refuse to apologize for the buzz kill from yelling at you.