Portland. Get the fuck over it. The hipster thing? Who cares? And calling someone a hipster is over. Similarly vegans, over it!

Yes, their pretentious douchery was fun for a little while. But why do we keep heaping attention on those who seek it? Just ignore them and quietly laugh at their silly hats and scowly faced food choices. No one fucking cares anymore.

And the gentrification/not gentrification debate. No one really cares. North Portland will be overrun by sanctimonious white people within 5 years. Every individual has their own justification for doing so. It's going to happen. We need to move past it.

Same with Portlandia. BORING.

This down is dull, dull, dull! Nothing new under the sun motherfuckers.

Portland, you're fucking tedious. Don't let the Guardian get to your head. The UK is always behind the Times.