i sympathize with you, Most People. You have to get up early & go to bed early. Except on weekends. Your life is nicely regulated by a corporate clock.

Mine, however, is not. Since the age of 10, my circadian rhythm has been the opposite of Most People. My day is your night. Me, awake at 11 am, feels like Most People would at 4 am. Disoriented, exhausted, slightly ill & grumpy.

So, what i have to say is ~ Dear Friends; Please stop requesting that we get together at noon. i have known you for 20+ years, & you still don't get it? i don't ask you to meet me for a hike at 3 am. Why can't you understand, after 20+ years, that i am different from you?

And, neighbors? i am not allowed to make any noise, after 10 pm, or you will call the police. But, when i am asleep during the day, because i work the night shift, you can go to town with your power tools? Your children can SCREAM, you can blare horrible pop music & vacuum your car every other day right under my window. All of this, KNOWING that i work nights & i am trying to sleep.

Not everyone is blessed with a normal circadian cycle. Some of us have nights, & they are rather beautiful. But, it would be awesome if we were allowed to listen to music at night without cops, & could sleep in the day without power tools.
i just had to get this out there.