Here is a big fat screw you to that nasty bitch that stormed out of Nosferatu at the Hollywood the other night. So you hated the band that was performing. Big fucking deal. You got your money back after making a big stink. Maybe you didn't get what this is all about. I've seen other shows in this series that totally rocked my balls off. If your big complaint was that you hated the band, then BOO-HOO. I've been to shows that sucked and knew that was the risk you take in seeing something new. Posting nasty comments on facebook about how the movie was ruined for you shows what a pathetic little princess, art school snatch you are. You made an ass out of yourself and want to brag about it. So here is some news, cupcake, other people enjoyed the show. You should shut your ugly mouth and understand, this is Portland, bitch! We thrive on the unusual. So if you and your art school education don't dig it, shut the fuck up about it.