Nosferatu Isn’t your Boyfriend


Not to defend bad behavior, but the show was pretty awful.
I know the guys who produce this film series. They are hard working, cool guys who don't deserve to be bashed personally because someone didn't "get it". I read the facebook comments this lady left after reading this, and have to wonder why she is making such a big deal. She's more than entitled to her opinion, but why so bitter? She got her money back but keeps pushing.
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This is worth pointing out: "bitch," "princess," "snatch," "cupcake." It's entirely legitimate to complain about someone creating a scene at a show, but I'm not sure it's necessary to drag your scary mommy issues into the fray. Yikes.
Agree with what Ovidius said. I'd be inclined to join in denouncing anyone who demands a refund because they just didn't like a show. But this looks like a bunch of gross "shut up, snatch!" bellowing about some silly Facebook drama.
Also, explaining what Portland is all about ("We thrive on the unusual" -- you just, like, don't get it!) is probably as bad as anything any art student has ever said.
@geyser-Agreed. We thrive on the unusual? Whats this "we" shit? I always thought that art was about provoking some kind of reaction from the viewer, good or bad. I guess some artists hate it when their work is not met with accolades and ass-kissing.
It's called "I Anonymous". Are people supposed to be civil here? I thought that was kind of the point that you didn't have to be civil in this forum. Some people deserve to be called "bitch" princess" "snatch" and "cupcake".
Sure thing #7, but they also get to be called creepy for going down the particular road this anonie went down. I mean, if you're going to write an indictment of someone who seemed to be disproportionately put out by something they just didn't like, it might not do you any good to write something that sounds like you typed it while angrily masturbating.
"(U)nderstand, this is Portland, bitch! We thrive on the unusual."

That's the dumbest thing I've read in quite some time.
dmitrir, I guess you haven't read the comments on a single Yahoo news story, like, ever then.
@10: I do avoid reading Yahoo comments. My post was an certainly an exaggeration, but you gotta admit, claiming that Portland thrives on the unusual is pretty freaking stupid.
If Nosferatu was her boyfriend, he'd be pretty pissed about all this.
And if Nosferatu was MY boyfriend, we'd have to do something about those fingernails.
So, you're complaining because someone didn't like a show. The "nasty bitch" who threw a fit....
Nevermind ~ i WISH Nosferatu was my boyfriend! Sexy lover who creeps in the shadows & gets orgasmic at the sight of my blood. And if anyone embodied the name RatFuck, it would be Nosferatu.

rich bachelor for COTW, "art school snatch" for phrase of the week.
Portland was truly weird and interesting a long time ago. Ever since Portland overtook SF as the "look at me now, you small town fucks! LOOK AT ME! LOOK THE FUCK AT ME!!" US capitol of all those who feel they were just way too interesting (and way too lazy and ineffectual to just stay put and be "creative" in the absence of hordes of like-minded "creatives" to stay in their small towns and pursue their "art") and needed to live here, it has degenerated into nothing more than a larger version of the hip scene found in any major city in the country. Major difference being that in NYC, Chicago, LA, or Boston, there is a well defined culture that absorbs these fucks and the scene is just one (albeit an annoying one) of many, and a minority. For all the hullabaloo of Williamsburg, it's just a small part of NYC and the vast majority of people in the city could care less about that shit and wouldn't even be able to find Portland on a map of the US. And thank christ for that. Here, because there's no historically entrenched culture, and the one that did exist is pretty live-and-let-live, the new thing has taken over, at least in the inner areas, and in the popular media . Sad thing is, Portland is way more diverse than people give it credit for---it's just all in areas that are ignored by the national and local media who are obsessed with the delusional, "green," local, sustainable, organic horseshit "Portland" that gives grass-is-greener "life'll be better when we're surrounded by people just like us" folks around the country reason to move here, jobs or not.

That said, Portland is a nice city, and one that is very easy to live in. Never ceases to make me laugh though when people say that Portland is so much cooler than Seattle and say that that city was ruined by the corporate overhaul after the grunge period---just a matter of time here--but, luckily for Portland, there's little of the money that exists in Seattle---if there was, this place would explode with ugly condo buildings and chain stores---although, if the PDC, the developers that really run the city, and the Portland gov't has their way, it would in a heartbeat. The PDC would just pass all the construction off as "green" and folks here would wet their pants accepting it. Mainly because they already have their houses and yards and drive everywhere---hey!!--public transportation is fucking awesome--as long as I don't have to rely on it--to work and love to live in delusion.
Has it really been a week since jake last got drunk in mom's basement and poured out a two-pager?
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"art school snatch" ftw!