You Won’t Pass Your Ballot Measure With Idiots


The people collecting signatures for Initiative 24 are only ensuring it gets on the ballot. Beyond that, they have nothing to do with whether it passes. But sorry to hear they made your monocle pop out, Henry Higgins.

How do you hear what they often say when they review the requirements for the job?
What an asshole.
#2 = cotw
I, A; you seem kind of uptight. Need a doobie?
I'm all for legalizing pot - but the 'medical' reasoning just don't fly with me at all.
Pot as the new 'cure-all', much like snake-oil in the past.
Give me the chance to simply vote on legalization and call it for what it is, a mild drug less harmful than alcohol, and you have my vote.
This said, I'm unaware of the specifics of Prop 24.
Snake-oil, hash-oil, why split hairs, frankie? Splitting hairs, really you'd need a tiny little axe, does anyone have one handy?
Frankie: the medical "thing" might not "fly" with you..probably because you don't need it. And the fact is, it doesn't work for everyone, nor is it appropriate for everyone. The same is true of EVERY medication known to mankind. It's easy to say "it's snake oil" when it's not you who has gone through the few meds on the market for nausea & can't even think about food without being violently ill, or the muscles in your body are at war with you (and winning), or you're in so much pain you haven't slept in three days. I have MS. I don't use medical marijuana, but I want the option. What I go through every day, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. And I think it's short-sighted & even cruel to say to someone like me, "I don't believe it works, so you shouldn't be allowed to try" or "maybe it does work but drugs are bad, m'kay, so you'll just have to suffer." Keep an open mind. You never know when you or someone you love will be rolling a mile in my wheelchair.
Yet again, but this time just for you ZenAngel :
Pot is no way to treat your pain. There are far better drugs.
Free expert medical advice from a guy who neutered his own cat at home.
On a wild guess, I will estimate that 7 out of the 10 blog comments come from 'heads