USS Ronald Regan Cap/Hat


I have to agree. Why would I want Ronald Regan's cap? I never even heard of the guy. Is he the one that goes through my recycling and gets all the bottles out? That kind of looks like his cap.
Former secretary of the treasury Donald Regan has his own battleship and cap? How delightfully obscure.
Some months back an ad for Rick Santorum made it here too. Pretty funny really, on behalf of his team, to get an ad in the Merc.
I also saw one a couple weeks ago that was all "click here to donate money to the Newt Gingrich super PAC!"
I'm sure there are those who read Blogtown and would hand over their money to something like that.
If it's a Cap/Hat you're really only paying $1.495 per noun. Really not all that bad.
I often get Christian Singles ads on here... WTF. ?