Dear Taggers...


I'm giving this one the slow clap with tears, crescendoing to faster and faster clapping, then the whole place falls into thunderous applause.
Most taggers are just high schoolers pissing on stuff to mark their territory with spray paint and permanent markers. The worst are idiot taggers who etch windows, doing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, or who mark up the insides of bathrooms and the like. I don't really care if a tagger hits some concrete wall next to the freeway. More power to them. But the other are just a-holes who should be treated just like someone who throws a rock through a window or slashes tires.
Taggers suck.
The best tag I've seen in a while though was on a closely sheared arborvitae hedge near the Hollywood Fred Meyer. I've been enjoying watching the arborvitae grow out and the tag disappear. Allow. However, that is my only exception.
I personaly feel that it's important to make a strong verbal Internet stand against tagging.
Tagging creates jobs, just like cigarette butts in the street does. Continue being job creators!
gah! chicostix you beat me to it!