Feminism and Biology are Cruel Lovers


Feminism isn't to blame. There really is a lot of luck involved in meeting the right person. Don't overthink things, you have plenty of time.
TL;DR WAHHHHHHHHHHHH was all I heard 5 seconds in.
At this point maybe she should be looking at what she has to offer someone else as opposed to what others can offer her. I do not think I have to point out what the common denominator is here
Oh Huni.... Just relax and stop worrying about it... Women (or men) are not attracted to desperate and clingy. Just go with the flow, be yourself and trust me when I tell u it will happen when u least expect it and or not hunting people down like a panther and slowly sucking the life out of them out of emotional hunger;)
Valentines Day was LAST month.
Feminism has nothing to do with anything you just wrote.
To answer your question; yeah, it's completely normal at age 30 to have nothing worked out. And no, none of that shit had anything to do with feminism.
Maybe you're just attracted to people that are just not good for you.
I have been thinking the same thoughts over the past year, after my last relationship ended. My mental and emotional state are much better now, it took some time, but I am actually enjoying being single now. I'm in no rush to find love and have another relationship. What you wrote, I can relate to...and I'm a man. Too bad this place is anonymous, I would like to buy you a coffee, take a walk and talk. Good luck to you... :)
Do yourself a favor. Spend some real time living abroad, ideally in non-Western countries. See how much of the world lives, and how the ridiculous fantasies concerning marriage and love shoved down people's throats in this country are just that; a fantasy. And see how most of us---especially those commenting here---have it easy in life.

That said, I would not want to be in my thirties + pining for a life partner and trolling the bars, the Merc lovelab, and match.com looking for someone. Must be tough, and you have my sympathies, especially in a place where there are so many Peter Pan, man-childish fools running around.