Thank You Abortion Clinic


Bless you, Anon. eHigh-five lady to lady.
There's an illogical fallacy in this IA's title. There really is no such thing as an "abortion clinic". There are places that provide a large array of services relating to sexual health and family planning - abortion being just a small part of this. Therefore, it's extremely disingenuous (even if you don't mean to do so) to identify a family-planning/health services center as an "abortion clinic". It's basically like calling a hospital an "amputation shop".

Sorry for being anal. It's just that it's THIS sort of misuse of language and words that fuels this absurd "debate" in the first place.

Alas, you made the RIGHT choice indeed, IA.
Again, I run across u and cringe....yes, there are clinics that deal exclusively with this... Since u do not have a uterus(as far as I can tell) and, I have already listened enough to your insensitive crap I will tell u that again, you are some piece of work. Get ur business out of women's uterus's and from what I gather from your shit ass post's u never want a family... So bless us all and lets hope you've taken your ass down to the nearest free clinc and to get yourself a vasectomy. This decision is never an easy one and this couple made the right decision for themselves and obviously feel bad about it with out u poking ur nose in it and picking apart their many people is it going to take to tell u(and or articles about you) for u to wrap your head around the fact that u are not a nice person and really who would be pleased to be associated with u?
Reganomics: Fuelling the War on Fetuses!
@ Sodeecracker,

You're absolutely right.
Actually, Damosa made a relevant point. The defunding of Planned Parenthood was based on exactly this type of semantics twisting. A Women's Health clinic becomes an Abortion Clinic & support for it is lost. i have NEVER been to a clinic whose sole purpose was to provide abortions. Even if that was the service that i was receiving, the majority of other women ( & men) were there to receive birth control, pap smears, etc. Of course, this is solely gleaned from listening & talking to others in the waiting room.
His point didn't detract from what the op expressed. Although it was said in a rather strange & discomfiting manner, it was true. The only devils that you will meet at an "abortion clinic" are the ones waiting outside...calling it an abortion clinic. i have never met with anything but professionalism, compassion & empathy amongst the working & volunteer staff at the local Women's Health clinics. So, thanks for posting this, I,A. i hope more like it show up, somewhere....
Thank you for that... Again I am sorry,but for whatever reason you just seem to enrage me with some( or most) of ur comments.... I just wish that in the future u could perhaps be a little more kind to "the breeders" or non- breeders....
Kalikill- indeed it is sad that women's clinics get shut down because of the government having their head up women's vaginas and that is truly a shame. I would say that again there are places that provide birth control and other supportive services to be able to provide"safe abortions" and not get shot walking into or out the door.... This is not to detract from the fact that there are clinics that do exclusively provide this service whatever label they put on the door. thank u though for he insight and support of the I,A...:)
Having children is very, very difficult, especially these days when in such a transient society like ours the family ties that can provide support and make the process much easier just aren't there for lots of people. Your decision must have been very difficult and as you mentioned, you're lucky that you live in a society in which you were able to make a choice, which, I know, makes it no easier to have to do it. You'll have another opportunity when you're ready---and while raising kids is no picnic in many ways, at least when you do decide to do it, you'll be more ready emotionally.