Please stop with the passive aggressive bullshit! Everywhere I go people are leaving fucking notes to tell each other off. I went to walk my dog this morning and someone had duct taped a bag of dog shit (not mine) to the front door of my apartment building saying in all caps "PUT YOUR GOD DAMNED DOG POOP IN THE BIN LIKE THE REST OF US YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT". What in the hell are you thinking? If you know who this person is enough to duct tape shit to our communal door why don't you walk your "Lazy piece of shit" ass up the stairs and tell them this? You are a fucking coward. I also saw a note on someone's car parked in the street telling them they parked like a "legitimate asshole" because they weren't bumper to bumper with the car in front of them,meaning no one could fit between them and the no parking sign behind em. Park in the fucking lot. All of this pent up rage with no balls to make anything of it. Try using some stern words, in person, without shaking you little pussies. Enough with the chicken shit notes!