I thought she seemed interesting...a belly dancer coming to town to take a workshop for a week. She is about my age. I thought she had a girlfriend. Then she says. Oh yes. I have a wife...a husband...and a boyfriend. Ok, cool, I think.I'm an open-minded person....I read Sex at Dawn...but wow. I can't even find one boyfriend or girlfriend. Sounds tiring, I think...I have a job and a couple of friends too. Then he comes. The boyfriend...for a night. I say it's ok. I go to bed early. I'm 40. Don't make fun. I wake up at 11pm to a strange noise. It sounds like something is wrong with my geriatric cat...I run into the kitchen panicked, but...it's not Oliver. It's her. The Screaming Kitty...and "Whipper Snapper" her 26 yo boyfriend..a Junior High teacher from the East Coast. I can hear the sound of the whip, yet he makes no noise. They know I'm home. I guess they think I like it. It happens again in the morning. I come back in my little Shamrock tutu after running a 15K. I feel like a total dork and sex is not really on my mind..but they are still going at it. I should charge more for this room, I think. There is probably a market for this in Portland. I imagine the room equipped with whips, handcuffs...a swing in there too. The airbnb dungeon. Sound proofed....or not? They seemed pretty into me hearing it, though I don't remember signing a consent form.