The Airbnb Dungeon


How is Oliver taking this?
Oliver IS okay, right?
So, you're 40? "Open-minded"? It's only a week? So what's the problem? I wasn't much younger than that and I was sharing a house with two transguys, dating people I found online, traveling in the tropics; I could give Rutger Hauer's speech from the end of BLADE RUNNER, but what would be the point? I know you were hoping for some fun, but at least you're getting stories to tell. Life doesn't have a consent form.
Yeah, sounds like they're using you for a cheap sex/play pad. You really should be charging them more. And also i might add, pretty fucking inconsiderate that they haven't even invited you!

Apparently, this woman can handle two or three people at a time.

A 3rd wheel in your OWN place - damn that sucks.
Well, yeah, if it's for more than a week you have to kick her ass out.