Last night, while working, I was asked twice, that’s TWICE in one night, by strangers, “When are you due?” For the record, I’m not pregnant, and not even a little bit overweight. After my embarrassment and rage subsided (and after I threw away the dress I was wearing last night), I felt the need to write an informative note to anyone who might be confused about why you should never, EVER ask a woman if she is pregnant, or when she’s due, even if you think you are 100% sure that she is indeed pregnant.
Here are a couple of reasons why:
If she’s not, you just called her fat. Now you are both uncomfortable.
Maybe she was, but miscarried and is still showing. You are a jerk.
Maybe she already gave birth, and is still carrying some pregnancy weight. You just called her fat.
Maybe she is but hasn’t told anyone about it yet. Now she’s uncomfortable.
Maybe she has a health condition that makes her carry weight in her stomach. You are a jerk.
Maybe she is, but you are the 15th person to ask her about it that day. Annoying!
Most importantly, it’s none of your damn business, and it is totally inappropriate to comment on a stranger’s body. I hope this clears things up.