One Uppers (Airbnb Dungeon part II)


Dear Lord, please stop posting these idiotic and obviously fake IA's. They're not at all entertaining.
These are boring.
"Airbnb" is a an annoying word. God created spaces and capitalization for a reason.
If you want to offend them, just pretend to be Christians.

If you want to set boundaries, use your words like a grown-up.

But we know you aren't going through with any of it, wimp.
How very, very sad. But, I guess that's what one can expect from the "creative class" in Portland.

"Let's not do anything actually creative. Instead, let's find new and interesting ways to make our housemate's life pure hell."

Interesting in a sadistic and pathological way, I guess, but overall, just sad.
Who is "Oliver"? And why should we be have heard of him if this is the first "I, Anon" you've published? Also, doesn't it somewhat compromise the "Anonymous" part if you mention the name of someone involved in your story?

(Also...could you tell us if the "Oliver" in question was Oliver Platt of "The Big C" you were talking about? and does the statement that he's "OK" mean he survived the heart attack in the season-ending episode?)
Also...did anyone else read the headline to this as "AirBUD Dungeon, Part II"?

Made it sound like Disney's loveable golden retriever-star athlete was now doing bondage flicks.
Better idea, let's arrange to have Lori throw her chest towards a table again, but while I'm lying like a patient etherized upon it. (Then maybe you can give us a little privacy?)
Damosa should be included in this as he has a pretty sweet collection of bondage gear that HE WEARS in PUBLIC.
Ooh. The Air Bud Clause: "Well, there's nothing in the rule book that says we *can't* (do whatever the hell is being discussed here. I honestly can't tell.)"