yep here it is...that my drinking has pissed you off once again, hmm i wonder why,cause i had a conversation with my smoke in the back alley,or i did'nt buy you any drinks this last time around,or was it cause i was worried about you to much or didnt remember the night before..well guess what... keep yr fucking comments to yourself about my fucking drinking.if its really that bad then dont ask me to come out or ask me to buy you yager bombs,have shots in the morning or whatever the fuck else you asked me when we were out and even when you drove me there..i dont piss on yr couch,call you names,hurt anyone of my friends or put them in fucked situations nor have i lost any teeth or maybe my wallet at the bar or some money out of my pocket,and cracked a phone screen.i maybe just lost money on people who thought were my friends.thanks for the heads up.cause this time around i wont be around cause like you said everytime you see me im drunk...go lookin the fucking mirror.