Being perceived as "suspicious" by a stranger with a gun: Punishable by DEATH. Running away from some strange man who is chasing you in the night: Punishable by DEATH. Fighting back when this strange man confronts you: Punishable by DEATH. Doing what we've taught our children to do from day one regarding stranger danger: Punishable by DEATH. Defending yourself when you think a stranger is attempting to kidnap or attack you: Punishable by DEATH. Being a black kid wearing a hoodie in America: Punishable by DEATH.
Having an arrest record for violence, killing a kid who had NO idea who you were or why you were following him, DISOBEYING a police dispatcher's order to NOT PURSUE, attacking him because YOU perceived him to be "suspicious", LOSING the fight that YOU initiated and pulling out a 9mm gun to shoot him in the chest like a coward: FREEDOM and LIFE.