Life and Death in a Right-Wing World


Hmmm, thanx for your super-keen and original insights to an event you did not even witness in a state 3000 miles away. Racist judgements against "white latinos" was so last week.
Hey Ice Prez, seems to me that the poster simply stated the facts. If they're not facts, can you argue against them? Or, are you going to regurgitate what you've heard from FOX news? What did the IA poster state that isn't fact? Is not Zimmerman free? Hate to say it, but you're an idiot.
Questioning what both the left and right wing media outlets tell me makes me an idiot? The facts in alot of high-profile cases are never made clear until well after all the details are released. Some recent examples would be both the Duke LaCrosse and Kobe Bryant rape cases. Sorry that I am not so quick to play the "us vs. them" game that the people with power and influence use to keep American citizens divided, which is what seems to be happening here, in my opinion. Angry that this young man was killed? Any decent human should be. By the way, I most certainly do not suck nor am I an idiot for not falling in lock-step to your worldview.
Iceprez, you are an idiot. Can you pick one thing the IA poster said and disprove it? If not, then what are you saying? Go on, pick ONE thing the poster wrote and argue against it with FACTS. And prove your FACTS. P.S. It's "a lot", not "alot".
What am I saying? Im saying that none of the facts presented are punishable by DEATH. A teen was not killed by an authority figure, he was killed by a neighbor with a weapon. Beyond that I do not know what happened in this case aside from what the left and right wing media outlets tell us, which is full of conflicting info.

Want to know what is NOT pertinent in this case? My syntax and physical disposition. I do not mind debating but you lose a little credibility when you bolster your case with personal insults that have nothing to do with a dead teenager in Florida.
Iceprez, WHY are you choosing THIS to pick a fight over? Really?

Typically, this is where i'd engage you in a brinkmanship of internet shit-slinging. But since i've actually met you in real life, i SAW that you're a fairly decent guy - at least so far as i could tell. So i'm just gonna say to you that if you have nothing positive or decent to say about THIS - the racist murder of this Black child - then you should just dial it back.

Seriously, you're sounding like one of those stormfags on 4chan. And you soo obviously have more balls than THEY do.

He's soo not fat, btw.
"Iceprez, WHY are you choosing THIS to pick a fight over? Really?"

Well, I guess he could do better. He could get national attention by dressing in bondage gear and creating a stupid blog. Oh wait, in the end, the legal bills and bad press will do him in. Not such a great idea...
IcePrez, in Florida (and many other states that have the Stand Your Ground law) all the examples the IA poster presented ARE punishable by death. I think that was the writer's point. All the killer has to claim is ANY situation. That's it! Kill someone, say it was self-defense and voila, you're free to go! THAT is the problem. Are you telling me you'd be ok with someone shooting someone you love and then being set free, without an investigation, without being drug tested or having a breathalyzer taken? This is the world you want to live in? And then the Right-Wing media trashes your loved one's image and implies that it was their fault for being killed. It's a despicable thing and for you to swallow that swill only proves that you're not much of a deep thinker. The only conflicting information on the incident is coming from the Right-Wing media. Hell, Geraldo even said a hoodie was to blame. I'm sorry man, but I'm having a hard time believing that you're not an idiot.
All I can say at this point is that only 2 people really know what happened that night, and one of those people is no longer alive. The only fact is that one person shot someone else dead. I will only pass judgement on who is a "rich racist" and who is a "teenage thug" when all the facts can be made clear. My issue is with the accuracy of ALL the media, which given recent examples is far from a bastion of truth and honesty. I wont even start in the role Florida's lax gun laws play in this tragedy.

Oh, and unregistered commenter? The way you call me fat, correct my spelling/punctuation, and the not-so-sly digs at DamosA and his fashion choices make it pretty obvious that you are Geo on the low. C'mon man, at least stand by your convictions under your registered account.
@iceprezsmells/fat/whatever- I do not care if you think I am an idiot or not. And an 80's era talk show hosts' opinions on hoodies have nothing to do with this case at all.
You simply don't get it, do you? I'm done with this, for it's like talking to a brick wall. I am sorry for calling you names and hurting your feelers though, I didn't know you were the sensitive type.
The fuck? You are trippin dude. My gig with you is this one....

Iceprez Pdx MySpace

That's me you tripper. And Damosa? Fuck that, someone is biting my lines.
Geo Liquor, your incoherent rambling of a comment has confused me, which I suspect was your intent. At least, I hope it was your intent. You can't be that stupid, can you? Well, if you're defending da Iceprez, maybe you are. And I didn't bother to search whatever it is you wanted me to on Myspace. It seemed boring. Iceprez is boring. You're boring. I'm bored. Yawn.
Agree or not, this is thought & argument provoking:…
Jake, IcePrez, GeoLiquor: You all are missing the point. The problem is the Stand Your Ground law. All of you right-wingers keep saying, "I wasn't there, so I not know no facts, all I do know is that I want my job shipped overseas and billions of my tax dollars to go to the rich and multinational corporations". Sorry about going of point there, it's just you people are so ignorant. I could sit here all day and explain the Stand Your Ground law, give you links that show the rate of "justifiable" homicides have TRIPLED in Florida since it was enacted, send you articles showing examples of people being killed in COLD BLOOD, send you links to show that law enforcement was against this bill, send you links to show you exactly who wrote the bill and their right-wing agenda...but, I don't think you'd care. The kid was black. He was over 6 ft tall. He had gold teeth and was wearing a hoodie. He smoked pot, which here in Oregon is like shooting heroin (I'm being sarcastic, you idiots) and he was tardy in school. So, it's OK that he was killed. Never mind the hard facts, like Zimmerman having a history of violence. Never mind the countless 911 calls he made over the past year regarding "suspicious" young black men. Never mind that he was carrying a 9mm gun that night, although he was a "caring" individual. Never mind that he DISOBEYED a request to not pursue this kid. Never mind that he wasn't drug tested, given a breathalyzer and was allowed to go free after shooting this kid in the chest. Never mind these FACTS that we do know. We know these facts, they're not made up or assumed. They're real. They're hard evidence. But, never mind any of that because we weren't there. Funny, the prison is filled full of people who committed crimes that we didn't see. I've never seen anyone murdered and yet there are murderers in jail. Should we set them free? Is that a legal argument now? Judge: "Well, we have the 911 tape, the accused has a police record of violence, he had a 9mm gun and he chased this kid after being told not to. But, I wasn't there, so you're free to go". You people are complete and utter idiots. I hate to be so crass because I know you right-wingers are super sensitive, but you people are kings when it comes to name-calling. You can dish it out, but ya'll can't take it. If I made any of you cry, I do apologize. Perhaps a warm ba-ba is in order.
This has nothing to do with the stand your ground law: this is normal, good old self defense. Has nothing to do with race, either, though I sure don't expect you Al Sharpton types to see that. This was a dumb guy with a gun who got attacked by a dumber kid without a gun. Pure and simple. You idiots picked the wrong case to sensationalize.
The kid was being followed by an auto and then a guy gets out with a gun holster strapped to his hip. THAT'S when the kid started beating the shit out of this guy that's like, 125 pounds bigger than him and then gets shot himself. That's Zimm's story.

Even by that account, (which I don't believe) the kid was the one who needed a stand your ground law and a gun, since he was the one being followed by someone armed with a history of violence that got out of his car to mess with him on his way home with a 9mm holstered to his hip.

Bad police work, bad law and a lot of acting surprised about racial profiling in America. No, I wasn't there so I don't what exactly happened, but neither do the police and they didn't even try with a dead body on the ground. That's pretty fucked up no matter who you believe.
anytime anyone, out of the blue, says "Al Sharpton" you know you've got someone who doesn't like black people.

Gosh, "Eric in SE", that makes perfect sense! WHARRGARBL
take it to the hufpo
Hey "Nope", it has everything to do with the Stand Your Ground Law. Zimmerman has evoked the law in his defense, so it obviously has something to do with it. That's the main reason why he wasn't arrested. Are you telling me, that if Trayvon would have been the one to kill Zimmerman after being ATTACKED by him, and evoked the Stand Your Ground law, you'd be ok with it? You wouldn't be working your feeble mind to come up with some reason why this "thug" wasn't arrested? You'd be ok with it, eh? There is a barrier between your mind and reality and that barrier is stupidity. Stupidity makes you vote on a "feeling", which I'm most certain you do. Stupidity makes you swallow the trash that FOX News feeds you. It makes you "feel" something, like anger and hate. Your lot in life has got you down, and someone other than you has to be to blame, right? It can't be you, heaven's no! It's Obama's fault, or some black person, or some immigrant or the's always someone else, ain't it? Ya'll got a lot a learnin' to do, and if ya'll ain't willing to pull back the curtain of emotion that you live your life by, then ya'll is a'gonna be dumb and angry all yer life. The sad thing is, you don't even know how see-through you are. People know you're stupid just by looking at you and that ain't good. Ever hear whispers behind your back, or catch a glance at someone looking your way? That's because they are quietly feeling pity for you, for your obvious ignorance and stupidity. You can get mad at the world all you want, but that don't make you any less stupid. It just makes you very sad. The scary thing about all of this is that you have the right to vote. Dear Lord, what a waste! The internet has given fools like you a voice and how happy you must be for it. If you only had something intelligent to say...
Actually, I'm really happy with my lot in life. However, your creation of an entire persona out of thin air makes me think you might benefit from a little research here:

Let's take a look, shall we?

> Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.

Yep, seems about right. Also, while you're at it:


You got that one wrong. Toodles!
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