I was unemployed for most of 2011. Between a few craptastic temp jobs and living on $99 a week (AFTER TAXES!!) unemployment I made $18,092. last year. I claimed the appropriate number of exemptions from my temp jobs and from unemployment. I was really looking forward to my $200 tax refund. I was wondering what was taking so long & about to call to make sure you received my forms...then I got your notice that you "corrected" my taxes and I OWE $80!! WTF? I made 18K! How in the hell do I owe more taxes? Seriously, you didnt take enough? I've been paying all F-ing year from my measly wages & unemployment. Another $80.00? Are you shitting me? Thank god I finally found a good full time real job, otherwise I'd still be making $99 a week AFTER taxes, and it would take me a long time to pay that off. Of course you say I can challenge it, or disagree or whatever. Basically I have to pay that $80. It'll cost me more to fight it. Seriously, $18K in a year and I owe..You are un-fucking real.