Bad Barista Music


I want to throw the giant lump of peanut-butter the cashier wasted when they plopped it on plate. I didn't ask for a half the plate to be filled with non organic jiffy like shit. I don't want that anywhere near my oat bagel.
I hate this cafe in morning shift plays top 40 radio at blaring volume and tries to sing along. Shut up! I asked them four times while I was there to turn it down but no avail.
Why does the afternoon shift play listenable music at the appropriate volume? I've boycotted this cafe for good once is enough.
^^^it's the last time i'm going to type with only my left hand.wait i don't have a choice
For starters, they have to be there. You don't.

They're playing the Go-Gos, Beyonce, and '90s alternative rock, and you're urging them to play music that strays from... "thrasher metal"?
What kind of complaint is this anyway? Get your double halfcaf venti macchiato with room for 'whatever' and get the fuck out.
A coffee shop is not the library. They're working, and you're probably using the free wifi to surf Dutch porn.
Has anyone heard of customer service? They have to be there and you don't? That's really stupid. If there are no customers, there are no jobs. It's true that you can't please everyone, but you can at least try to please your customers. I don't believe that the customer is always right or that you need to kiss their ass, but it's called 'customer service' for a reason. The customer is supposed to be served You're being paid to take care of them and make their experience good. If they're beng assholes, THROW THEM OUT!
@6.....good luck with that one in this town. Oh, and Rich, yes they do have to be there: it's called earning a fucking living. Sucks some of us have to do that, eh?
Shit, the two of you sound like neither of you have ever actually done this Customer Service thing that both of you seem so fond of. So let me remind you:

Yes, it pays to be good to your customers, but this particular customer has a stupid demand; it should be ignored. I wouldn't need to throw them out: I'm a fucking adult, and can handle differences of opinion.

And yes, if I have to be there between eight and twelve hours and you're planning on staying perhaps a half hour, you may just have to put up with...Perfectly agreeable pop from the '80's?
Don't dis Beyonce, dude.

Wait, the Dutch have porn? How have I been missing this?
Actually rich I have 6 years in the service industry (bartending and waiting tables, both on the east coast and here, I've also worked as a barista). I have never seen attitudes as bad as I have here. That really relates to servers and bartenders more so however. I am quite happy with the Barista's overall, hell I would find it hard to be cheery and perky that damn early in the morning. And yes, 80's pop is fine