Crack and Me


I'm the author of this post and some idiot Mercury stagger apparently thought my original title was too scandalous. I entitled this post "Ron Paul for President" because Mr. Paul wants to legalize drugs. See the connection? This from a magazine who a few weeks ago had an issue with some mulleted fat guy forcing a young girl to give him head on the cover. Fucking hypocrites. BTW, I'm in rehab now.
You're in rehab but you're still saying you don't want to stop?
I wrote it about a month ago.
Ah, I see. Well, hope you're getting good help and support, and best of luck making a new start.
Best advertisement for the Wooden Chicken ever.
Good luck. You have a valid point regarding your original title and the reaction. Interesting
I'm an old fat guy....
got clichés? I vote for english composition major at PCC. B-, maybe.
@ 2:

i'm pretty sure ron paul doesn't want to legalize ALL drugs, but let's say he does -- so just because you can't control yourself and are sloppy enough to smoke rock at chicken joints instead of eating chicken & mashed taters, that means that the government should implement laws to protect you from yourself and ban everything that might be harmful??

besides, it wasn't legal when you started using it, and it's not legal now -- so i guess that doesn't work either.....maybe you should just choose not to smoke fucked up shit.

humans: the smartest & stupidest species in the world, simultaneously.....
Human in "training": I think you totally missed her point. Is her rant about Ron Paul? No, it isn't. I think she used his name in jest. Funny, Ron Paul wants to legalize herion, but not meth? Wow, what a hero for freedom. Thanks for overreacting and assuming. Typical Republican.
I thought this was a anti drug commercial until the I,A did not mentioned "and remember..."

At the same time too I thought it was a pro-crack I,A. Anyways...Nice monologue.
Oh Huni I am so glad u are in rehab.. You sound like a strong girl keep being strong stay in rehab for as long as it takes,you will find that beautiful girl that wants all those good things and u can have them!! If u have the guts to stay away from ur triggers and tough it out everyday wil bring u just a little bit closer... Love and light to you xxoo I truly hope u make it