At the Bus Stop


A+ rant
if you've been following IA you'll recall that some people equate being spoken to, to being hit on. Some people feel that if you strike up a conversation then you're a pervert. If you haven't been following IA, now you know.
You're a caring and sensitive person. A little too sensitive; I hope you don't work in the service industry, or plan to, because it's a difficult fact of life that SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST ASSHOLES.
Oh great. Here come the heartfelt responses. All y'all are a bunch of pussies.
Please don't stop telling me what time the bus is due! Thank you.

This week, someone at work responded the same way to me when I reminded her that her teammate was waiting around for her to get to duty stations and did she get the assignment sheet? She hissed, "I know!" at me and added "I'm not fucking stupid!" Geez! Some people, right? Grin and bear it, love; don't let him steal you.

Also: please don't be afraid to talk to strangers: you may find yourself enjoying a tale or two from a REAL PERSON as I have found during my adventures on 'met. namaste!
Anyone who'd trust the posted schedule is an idiot anyway.
This ain't no goddamn walkie talkie where you can end your conversation witha Roger. Speak properly Missy.
In a calm and confident voice tell these people to "get fucked". Articulate that you meant no intrusion and were trying to be a good samaritan. Their reaction is not warranted nor appreciated and they can "get fucked". I consider this the high road. Fuck the kill em with kindness talk. People need to be checked when they behave like beeches to strangers.
If something that trivial bothers you, life is not going to be an easy proposition for you. Consider ignoring the small things like this and you will probably get further in life. Do not stop being a helpful person, just get a thicker skin. Now drop and give me 20, maggot!
sniff sniff ... ahhh, the odor of obsessive resentment! It must be springtime in Portland again!