What an Ass


I don't hate cops, but those radar guys are kinda dicks. They got me once, but their radar was off and I had to fight it. I won, but what a fucking process! I hate speeders, but those radar traps are a little sneaky.
Quit being such a fucking baby. Going over the speed limit, put on your big boy panties and buck up. If you want, go to court and seek a reduced fine. Jesus at what point are you accountable for yourself?
Ease the lead foot off the gas would you please thank you. I wanted to make it to the next day in a complete whole. I want more speed traps !
I loath it when I'm cycling and vehicles speed pass me, there isn't anyone in the lane next to me or behind me or anywhere around me. That makes you feel so powerful and mighty to press the gas pedal to the floor. Learn to drive properly lead foot!
@3: I don't think the OP is condoning speeding past arrogant cyclist such as yourself. I think the point of the IA was the fact that the cop HID the sign. Playing dirty like that doesn't affect you, so why would you care? But, every little violation that does affect you is likely the biggest crime in the world, right? Take a side street dipshit, if you don't want to contend with fast moving vehicles. Ride your bike down a main thoroughfare and you're going to have to deal with idiot speeders. There's NOTHING you can do about that, so quit yer bitchin'.
Bad cop. No donut.
drive the speed limit..then you have nothing to worry about..trap or not.
it's a car tax. abrupt posted changes to 25 mph, hidden radar enforcement signs, radar/laser guns-- these are just income and quotas.

get a good detector-- and better yet a laser jammer for highways, and watch the cops' bewildered look when you pass them or they chase you down anyway, without proof of speeding... I've been pulled over and harrassed for jamming a laser gun, which was (when over) a very satisfying due to the ticket-free confusion it caused.

"Speed kills" is probably not true with modern automobiles like it was with old steel-frame deathtraps. It's inattention to the road (drivers and bikers), cell phones, and alcohol (drviers) that are probably to blame- though this is conjecture.

Last- go to europe if you want to see driving properly-- it's underpowered hatchbacks and utility trucks full of tools, leaning around corners in tight city streets. Proper!
I think a more fair criticism is with the leadfoots that can't be trusted to obey traffic laws without being told there's an enforcement action in play. I'm going to have to say this asshole act cancels out another.
@sagging_flint: Speed still kills the person you hit.
Funny seeing all the lousy-ass cop-supporters here. Some folks just LOVE fascism, i suppose...
Even funnier seeing Mr. Anti-Cop (unless he needs to call them; see mercury article titled "wrong guy") post here. Damosa, you love cops so much, your DUMBASS has them make house calls. Now that is messed up dude.
hey, douchebag - drive the fucking speed limit and you won't have to worry about getting a ticket, it's that simple.

Sounds like the cop is a sneaky lazy douche bag.