A Real Pickle


Nope, that was a fake pickle.
I don't think all of these IA's are real, but I think some raise a point, regardless. I think the OP's point is that if you hate the cops so much, who would you call in your time of need? I've had the same thought before. All these Anarchists and Libertarians (want a Libertarian society? Moved to fucking Somalia...what a paradise!) hating cops and the "Man"...but who in the fuck would they call if their house was burning down, or like the IA, if their girl was getting beat up? That's right, the fucking Fire Department and the fucking COPS! They's all just livin' in a fucking fantasy world...fools. OH! this one time I saw a car with an Anarchist bumper sticker (probably made in Chins) using turn signals and obeying all traffic laws and had current tags. I was all like, wtf? Ain't you supposta be roaming free if you're an Anarchist? Not living out in the woods where there are no laws, but living in the city, all the while COMPLAINING about the city. Fucking fantastical livin' freaks.
Ridiculous. I really wanted to help but, eh. What should I do?! Take that pickle and shove it up your ass. Most cops are good people. Some are douchers. Just like the Occupy people :)
I thought it was about Cliffy until the girlfriend part. Also, no mentioning of the author wearing bondage gear.

Wait a second, Cliffy would have called the cops. What was I thinking?
This was a poor effort, as these IAs go. I like the haiku one better.
Hey Eric in SE, that haiku one you wrote sucked ass. Quit trying to get everyone to like it.
#6, you mean the one I didn't write and didn't post? You're probably right. It probably was terrible. I'm glad I didn't write one or post one. What a lucky escape for me!
@7: "Probably was terrible"? Look at comment #5, where you essentially RAVED about it. What do you mean "probably was terrible"? I bet that you printed YOUR haiku up and it's now hanging on your wall, framed of course. You know you wrote it, WE KNOW you wrote it...just own it, man.
Meh. 0/10
I had post number 6 in that IA. I win. I always do
It's not as if the cops would actually get there in time to help anyways. They're pretty useless.