I don't wash my hands. Not often, at least. Why? Because I despise most people, and I'd probably despise you. People are stupid, just look at the typical Republican voter, or Occupier. I feign politeness with people at work and in social settings, but inside I am actively hating them. Since I have this hate inside me, I want to inflict pain on the outside. Not in a physical sense, but in a smaller, microscopic way. So, I don't wash my hands after I piss or take a shit. I intentionally move my hand up and down door handles to make sure I coat them well. When I sneeze, I do it on my hand, hold it closed to keep the goo and disease warm and active, then rub it on the nearest door handle. I try to spread my bodily waste all over, so that people can be exposed to it. I relish the thought of my fecal matter or mucus being unknowingly picked up by another person. I'm a sick fuck and I'm a passive aggressive asshole, I know this. I guess spreading my shit around is a "thing" that I have. We all have hobbies, don't we?