What the Fuck Do You Want?


From your whining I believe you to be a hipster. Here's a tip: take a shower, lose the key chain, turtle neck the tat, and leave you iPod out of the interview.
"Dear Sir: your recent incoherent rant on the internet has changed our view of your prospects at this company..."

erm, sorry. I got caught up with the passiveness of this thread.
Eh, I get the rant. I've been on a number of hiring committees over the past few years, and the term "employer's market" gets tossed around a lot. Hundreds of applicants for low-wage positions, and many many many of them grossly over-qualified. And it's true -- once hired, those people either resent the work and have a poor job performance, or they quickly find a position that fits their qualifications better and leave.
So you currently make more than $13 at your OTHER job, yet you are so desperate for this lame job that you even offered to work an internship?

Wow. Just save yourself some dignity and walk away. You're like a psycho ex who can't take no for an answer. Just... walk... away. bye!
@1 Wrong on all points you mentioned.

@2 Ranting while drunk and trying to keep it under 300 words is not a strong point for me. I just needed to get it out. But it was one of those postings that I wish I could delete after reading the next day.

@3 I reapplied for the job. How is that not being passive aggressive? Do you think calling the company is the best method and as why I was not picked is the best method? I feel it comes off as needy and annoying and it was just best for me to apply again and then rant about it on this page. I know writing on here just sets me up for snarky comments though but I am curious if you think calling them will really give me any insight on why I was passed over.

@4 Thanks.
@5 My current job has nothing to do with want I went back to school for, the job I applied to does. I am willing to take less money for the moment to get experience in this field that I want to work in. That is what is bothering me. But you are right, I sound like a crazy ex and just need to move on. This isn't the only company in Portland that does this kind of job and I can look elsewhere. Thanks.
This reminds me of my experiences with attempting to work for Powell's. I'm way overqualified for the entry-level jobs they post, and it took something like a dozen applications over the span of a couple of years to get one lousy group interview, during which I got to witness desperate (and tragically hip) people practically clawing and scratching at each other in order to impress an otherwise bored and detached-seeming interviewer. All that for a job that pays around $9/hour? Fuck that.
Anonymous is that imalwaysright fuck head. Ha ha, nice try fucker.
@8, you too huh? Swell, isn't is?
@10 Yep. It's awesome. Apparently a college degree, 6 years of library experience (hello books!), 2+ years of retail management experience (and 5+ years of overall retail experience) were only good enough to buy me a ticket to a desperation/drama session with other anxiously unemployed folks. Good times!
I feel your pain, dude. I'm having the same issues finding a new job myself.
Don't be so desperate to hate your life. The previous applicants all quit within the honeymoon phase of their time there. The company sucks, dude.
This is every job opening in town, even before the recession. I hear it all the time. You can try out for American Idol, or apply for a job in Portland. The process is pretty much the same.
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