I'm going to be married in the Fall, at a little church in Sellwood. After 2 years of dating, he finally asked and I said yes. Here's the thing: I don't love him. I have never loved him, but I have been waiting to marry him. I've tolerated our relationship, and I've put on such a happy face that no one would know I am not in love. I'm just so tired of the single life, and I'm tired of never being able to make ends meet on my own. My fiance is a wealthy man, a very wealthy man. He hasn't showered me with tons of gifts, but he has been very generous. I want more, though. I want security. I want to be able to make more decisions about my life. So, I plan on marrying him, "sticking it out" for 2 more years and then divorcing him. I'll get half of what he has and then I will finally be able to have more freedom, to not have to worry, and to not have to work. I know it's a fucked up thing for me to do to this man, but I see no other way out. Women are underpaid, and the obstacles we face, you men cannot comprehend. This is my way out, this is my ticket. He and his family have no idea of my plan, they all are so happy. I just want to apologize to all of them in advance, for breaking his heart and taking his money. I am sorry.