I Got Him


this seems overly specific and likely to be unearthed if it is real, goodbye divorce settlement
Holy hell. This makes me so, so angry. The confession of a plan for future wrongdoing should never include the word "sorry." If you're sorry about what you're going to do, don't do it.

You want a way to make ends meet that doesn't involve treating people like cash cows until the slaughter? Grow a work ethic. You disgust me. And I really hope you never call yourself a feminist.
I'm sorry, this is so obviously a troll. Probably dude who wrote in a few weeks back complaining about how women get everything in a divorce.
If this isn't a fake (and it probably is), you need to see a psychiatrist immediately. There is some crazy narcissistic personality disorder/sociopathy stuff going on here.
Kill yourself.
Hopefully if this is real that person sees this and dumps your fucking ass in the most painful (to you) way possible.
This is obviously someone who is making allegations against someone else & thinks writing this will expose them. Staying married for 2 years to only divorce? Hate immigrants, huh? Keep Portland Passive Aggressive!
Honestly, when you said getting married at a little church in Sellwood this fall, well it's pretty obvious what church you're talking about and finding a wedding schedule for this fall won't be hard so you're really setting yourself up to be outed - though from your letter you may be after that.

My response to you is actually one of understanding. While all the other commenters are so aghast, I think your situation is perfectly normal - because I think marriage is a sham anyways and most marriages involve ulterior circumstances and many marriages involved at least one partner who is not in love. Marriages are imperfect by nature, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce anyways. You not loving him doesn't matter. If he wants to marry you and you want to marry him, go for it -- but using income inequality as your excuse seems ridiculously lame. How lazy must you be to be unable to score a decent landing job? It's not that hard really.
There should be a law requiring prenups.

Really, the rich guy can probably walk away from 4 years of vastly overpriced pussy without suffering too much, but there's a lot of poorer folks who end up with equally psycho hobags who genuinely need the protection of a prenup.

Yet it's the rich people who get them. Why? When you don't have a lot is when you need to protect what little you do have.

It's like how lower-middle class people think there's something wrong with declaring bankruptcy. Upper class folks who crash will declare bankruptcy in a heartbeat. They don't give a fuck about some fantasy stigma. But here we are with millions of people sweating it out with underwater mortgages... give me a break.

Our society created these laws for a reason. There some of our few remaining civilizing institutions. For the love of god, people, take advantage of them!
Real or not, this sort of thing happens all the time. Women SCORE in a divorce, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Even the most militant feminist thinks there's nothing wrong with this form of inequality, simply because it's the man who's treated unfairly and has to give away half of his money. And the reason? Because he's a man and nothing more.
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I call BS!
Smells like troll around here
I'm supposing that you can't get married to this guy at all in this state, Anonie, since you're clearly a man.
I don't know why a women like this is so disgusting to y'all. Clearly she has a clear view of what she wants to do with her life and she's carrying on with it with no shame at all. Shame on you all for being so judgmental. Let love rule.
This is probably written by the guy who just got served with divorce papers from this cunt. There should be no spousal support after a divorce, sure split assets that came into a marriage after the marriage, both parties keep what they had coming in, but going forward you should be on your own, especially if you are getting divorced because you feel like it.
You'll only get half of what he earned while you were actually married, for what that's worth.
Obviously fake.
FAKE. @3 jriley, you nailed it!
You won't get half of squat after 2 years of marriage. It doesn't work that way. You are only entitled to half of the assets or capital gains he aquired while you were married. What he owns before the marriage is his. But this is probably a fake anyway.
I hope that you are unable to have babies due to some sort of Genetic, untreatable malformation. I hope later you get married to someone you truly love and care about and that he finds out about your dried up snatch and leaves you for a younger woman. You deserve no less.
"You men" (who can't understand your supposed troubles) refers to white, able bodied straight men of average economic circumstances. Any feminist too stupid to under this doesn't deserve the title.