It’s Not Me, It’s You...


Okay, I give up. What industry are we known for?
If you drive two hours south, you will be neither in the mountains nor at the beach.
Aw, crap. We've lost another Creative, and we're ever so the poorer for it. I mean, hell, It mentioned mountains, beaches and food carts. It must've really enjoyed the environs here. And beer! It also enjoys beer, and the cavorting of we animist natives. How clever. Clearly Its work is valuable and we aren't properly thankful. We shall weep for Our loss.
I'm sorry that you aren't talented enough at graphic design to get a real job. Word of advice: Don't send you resume out in Comic Sans.
I don't know what "industry" we're known for either. We don't have much industry here, same as in the rest of the country in general. We're still collectively trying to avoid waking up from the foolish dream of neoliberalism that we can outsource industry to other places while most of us work in the service economy, in retail, designing websites for each other, etc. etc.
The niche that does exist in Portland is that many people find they can make something themselves that they have a passion for, something useful and high quality, and people will pay them for it. Or learn to repair things. Learn a useful trade or skill and take pride in it. It's still not going to be easy, but it's a way of surviving and even thriving.
Everything I wanted to say has already been said. Also, it sounds like you're the one giving (up), not Portland. Did your parents make the first and last month's rent payments on your Denver studio yet? Broomfield townhouse?
@geyser, good advice.
Good riddance.
It's not what you know... you need to connect with the right people! This is as true anywhere else as it is here.
what an annoying rant. have we worked out what industry it is we're known for? i'm guessing it's either food carts or... i don't even know.

lol, if you can make it in new york, you can make it anywhere. if you cannot make it in portland, ______________.
Correct, blame the city. It's definitely the city's fault, for sure.
65% of Oregon's employed adults work for the government. THAT is Oregon's industry.

In the private sector, Portland is a town of part-time jobs that demand 100% availability, offer few benefits and not much of a future.

Very sad indeed.
I don't know about that govt. figure, but BokChoy is certainly onto something about the private sector here where it concerns employment. Sad indeed.
Public sector employees, including education, account for about 18% of the state's employment.…
Yeah, THAT number sounds way more accurate. Thanks Geyser.
Keep on doing what you need to do Anonymous. Never succumb to the neoconservatism of having to learn to be passionate about something else. That droll has obviously never left mommy's basement. Explore something different and get inspired. Maybe it's not because of Portland, but wherever you go understand that there are limitations, which includes yourself. Self examine and take a chance, but network. If you can't already tell on the responses, not much to network here. The closest to creativity in Portland is "to learn to repair things." There's a lot of miserable people on this blog that like company. Find a place that welcomes your talents. If you can't make it in Portland, you can probably make it somewhere else that will appreciate it. Or you can fix shit that people here are so good at.

I hope you do come back and reconsider. Maybe spread some love to those ill fated to a desk job and neon lighting.

p.s. neoliberalism outsourcing? I bet you go out of your way to pay more for an American made product? Oh, but guess what companies outsourced them? Gee, I want your high paying bullshit job. Oh wait, your employed by Walmart. Geyser, you are a chromosome shy of a mentally challenged child and that's an insult to mentally challenged kids. Drop the kiddie p@rn and hug a tree you fucktard. Do you know what pride is, boy? Tell us.
Sorry, I don't get in stupid internet fights with unstable people who have no awareness of what they're talking about and can't make a coherent point. You seem to understand nothing about anything I was trying to get across, and you're flailing around and lashing out at the demons in your own mind.
Note: This comment reflects the views of geyser only, and not those of Walmart Inc. or any of its other executives.
Sounds like fightin words to me, moron. And my little voice says, "thanks for clarifying."
If you add up the full-time, part-time and full-time equivalent employees in Oregon's state and local government it is far greater than 18%.…
If you come here looking for success or opportunity then your best off bringing it with you. Hard work is not rewarded and opportunity is non existant up here in the woods. All the fun cool stuff you have mentioned is true, but there's always a catch.
Awwww how cute. You thought you weren't like all the others. Turns out you are, huh? This city owes you nothing. Absolutely nothing. All you stupid newbies moving here - prove that you DESERVE to live here.
I thought the industry we were known for was strip clubs