Lookin’ to Get Yoked!


Your diet probably sucks as does your training. I don't want to hear about your BO either although some women in this town (hipster lovers) apparently do like men that smell like ass. Here are my free tips (I have what you are reaching for, I don't "diet" and I am over 40. And have been accused of 'roiding" I don't. Now tell me how my ass taste). 1) you need resistance training. Thats right, get to a gym or get weights. 2) Vegan /Vegetarian diets are poor for fat loss (apparently your problem)3) learn actual nutrition
And I could be wrong about this, but your target female as described wouldn't want the kind of dude you're trying to become. You would need -in that case- to lose all that muscle mass, acquire some hornrims and a whimsical scarf and speak very quietly while avoiding eye contact as much as possible.
The P-Palace is defunct, may as well stay fat.
I have seen some gross-looking dudes walking around with hot girlfriends, no doubt due to the fact that these guys has good, friendly personalities. Fact- Most women do not want to date someone prettier than they are.
I'm guessing you're gonna be an "instant pudding" guy if you know what I mean.
@iceprez, no, it's not because of their personalities, it's because they're hipsters, and women in this town all love hipsters, not me, even though hipsters are skinny and I'm huge and buff. And they smell like dog shit and I smell like awesome + Axe body spray.
I actually did not post #6, and its a feeble attempt at humor. For the record I am certainly not huge and despise Axe. I also have no problem meeting women. I am flattered you created a account with my name though. I hope you feel better about your insecurities. I do agree with you on the hipsters, even though you were being facetious. And I am sorry you smell like dog shit:(. As for anon, take Rich bachelors advice! For real
Solution: get your stink on by the way of flossing at a hipster bar.

It's OK to admit you're homosexual... not that you are... but if you are, it's OK.

Also, meat.
you have to do cardio and strength training. to see your abs you have to get rid of the fat. abs are made in the kitchen, eat clean.Eat less calories then you burn and be patient, it wont happen overnight
Careful li that is more or less what I posted (by the way you are correct:)), and some troll felt the need to troll under a fake user name